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Review: 112. Perfect Partners by Carly Phillips...

August 23, 2011
Perfect Partners is the second of three of Carly Phillips' backlist that I've had the opportunity to read and review...

perfect partners
Title: Perfect Partners
Author: Carly Phillips
eBook: 169 pages
Publisher: Inkwell Publishing, 2011 (reprint)
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Source: Blue Dot Literary 

drey's thoughts:  
Carly Phillips' Perfect Partners has two people who've lost a lot--and could lose even more--for the possibility of love.

Chelsie has baggage from a previous marriage, and she's still trying to make amends. Griffin just doesn't trust women, period. You know the walls are way up there when these two have to learn to tolerate the other, for the sake of their niece... 

When tolerance grows into something else, can they take the steps towards love? Or is losing your heart too risky a proposition?

I didn't get into Perfect Partners--not like I did Solitary Man, but I did enjoy the story. I wish there was a bit more of the lovely little girl, and a bit less of the self-doubts. All in all though, a good read.  

drey's rating: Pick it up!

Have you read Perfect Partners? What did you think?


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