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September 26, 2008
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I've posted before about my voracious reading habits. And Charlaine Harris is an author whose works I've just about completely slurped down.

I started with the Southern Vampire series, moved on to the Harper Connelly series (it was on the bookshelf at the local Barnes & Noble), found the Shakespeare series, read A Secret Rage and Sweet and Deadly, and then finally the Aurora Teagarden series.

The Southern Vampire series stars mind-reading barmaid Sookie Stackhouse, who is pulled into the world of the local Vampires in Louisiana. Once there, she realizes that there are quite a few more supernaturals who live among humans than she had ever imagined. The series is entertaining, and provides a quick read.  

Harper Connelly can find dead people and determine how they died. She runs a business helping people find their missing loved ones, with her step-brother Tolliver acting as business manager and bodyguard. This series can get a little creepy - Harper doesn't just see how a victim died, she actually experiences it.

Lily Bard moves to Shakespeare, Arkansas, to start over after enduring a horrific incident. However, she soon finds herself embroiled in murdur, mayhem, and general small-town nosiness. It's hard to not like her and want her to succeed. However, one does wonder how a small town like Shakespeare can be host to so very many dead bodies. Who's left to carry on?

Aurora Teagarden is a quiet librarian living in the town of Laurenceton, Georgia. She and fellow crime buffs formed a group - Real Murders Society - to compile evidence & facts to re-enact historical crimes and try to solve them. It's not long before the crime buffs become crime victims, and it's a race to find the murderer. Quick read, crisp dialogues. What can I say? I like sassy gals. =)
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