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16. Blood Cross by Faith Hunter...

February 8, 2010
FTC Disclosure: I am an IndieBound and Amazon affiliate, and any purchases made by clicking on the cover or the links provided may result in monetary compensation. My copy of Blood Cross was purchased for my nook.

blood crossAbout the book:
The vampire council has hired skinwalker Jane Yellowrock to hunt and kill one of their own who has broken sacred ancient rules-but Jane quickly realizes that in a community that is thousands of years old, loyalties run deep...
drey's thoughts:
Well. That blurb above really doesn't say much, does it? But don't let that deter you from picking up this 2nd book in Faith Hunter's Jane Yellowrock series... I mean, just look at that cover! How much more bad-ass can she be? *grin*

All kidding aside. I loved Skinwalker, and I have to say that Blood Cross did not disappoint at all. Jane is awesome! Even when she's tired, covered in blood, hiding from Leo, and hunting the rogue.

I cannot wait for more Jane. I am off to go stalk Faith to find out more, lol!

drey's rating: 4/5 Excellent

Title: Blood Cross (Jane Yellowrock #2)
Author: Faith Hunter
ISBN-13: 9780451463074
Publisher: Penguin Group, 2010
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon

Challenges: 100+, Pub


wheels209 said...

Hi Drey
LOL!!! HARD!!! We have resorted to stalking now I see. Going deeper down that dark hole you and I were talking about earlier. That's ok because I have got your back. I will even let you wheel me around so that we look sweet, innocent and cute while we stalk our prey. I do know karate in case things get out of hand. We would make a great team. We stalkers have to stick together you know. Think about it??

I to like Jane very much even tho I have only read the first chapter of the first book. I know Faith Hunter has a series called Rogue Mage. It sounds right up my alley.
Thanks for making me smile each week my friend. Take care,

drey said...

Hi Steve! lol... Yes. I resort to stalking to find out when the next book is coming out. Sometimes I even volunteer to help get the copy edits done, lol! I am insatiable!

I hope you like the Skinwalker series, let me know when you read it! As for her Rogue Mage series, I just bought Bloodring... I think I spelled it right... =P Reading a few other books first though..

wheels209 said...

Hi Drey,
I went out and bought Blood Cross last night because I like the first book so much. Jane is right up there with some of my favorite characters such as Kitty and Merit. I laugh and go Oh all in almost the same breath when I am reading about Jane. I have only read four chapters so far but I can't wait to see what happens next.....? Thanks for showing me the way to this series. It is much fun to read.
Take care,

wheels209 said...

Hi drey,
I just noticed you have another strange comment for the book below this one you may want to take a look. The lettering is Chinese. I think you said once that you can't read it. I don't know if this person has left any other gifts for you on your blog. I hope this helps keep your blog clean. Take care my friend Steve

wheels209 said...

Hi drey,
Have you seen the new cover for Raven Cursed?? Jane Rocks It!!! Now I have to get busy and read the current book. So many other books that I want to read. Oh well, I will take them one at a time. The new book is not out until January 3. So I have some time.

Take care my friend.

drey said...

I sure have, and it's even posted in the 2012 January Covers album on the facebook page for drey's library... ;) I have it pre-ordered already (I know, I know, I can be impatient!). :P

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