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43. Host by Faith Hunter...

April 5, 2010
Title: Host (Rogue Mage #3)
Author: Faith Hunter
ISBN-13: 9780451462466
Publisher: Penguin Group, 2009 (reprint)
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drey's thoughts:
Hahahahahahahaha! Thorn gets a new buddy in Host. This one was sent from her former home, the New Orleans Enclave. Yes, the one that threw her out in the first place. Cheran Jones is a prissy and arrogant metal mage whose duty is to instruct Thorn in the arts of diplomacy. Apparently she's not polished enough to represent the neo-mages in Mineral City, even if she's been too busy hiding, killing demon spawn, and containing the Dragon, to worry about "media relations". Along with the Seraphs, the Earth Invasion Heretics, her ex-husband, the town preacher, and all the colorful cast members in the series, Thorn must now defeat the succubus queen if they are to live to see another day.

I like Thorn. She tries to do the right thing, she really really does. But when the "right" thing is asinine, or completely objectionable, she redefines the meaning of right to ensure that her loved ones, her friends, and even the townspeople who don't care for her much, are as safe as she can make them. Host is a satisfying conclusion to the Rogue Mage series. I'm kinda hoping for more Thorn, though...

drey's rating: 3.5/5 Very Good

Challenges: 100+


bookaholic said...

I liked your review. It's funny how you started it with that laugh! :D

drey said...

lol! thank you! =) I wanted to have fun with this review, mostly 'cuz I felt bad that she had to deal with that silly, prissy, mage. I mean, she has more important things to worry about, y'know?

wheels209 said...

Hi Drey,
Well my friend I went a head and bought The Rogue Mage series. Woot,Woot!! My thinking was to give powell's time to fill the order while I finish Bloodcross. I am going to miss getting my Jane fix everyday when I finish those books. Great character. Then the new Merit book will drop in the mix soon. Can't wait for that. The last Merit book was the only book that I know of that I got to read before you.I had to bite down hard not to tell you all about that one. As far as the Rogue Mage series goes I went back and reread everything you had on the series. 3.5 across the board for rating. Not bad. So I will cross my fingers(not my eyes....ouch!!!) that I will enjoy the books. Take care. Have a great weekend.

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