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83. The Messenger of Athens by Anne Zouroudi...

July 26, 2010
the messenger of athens
Title: The Messenger of Athens
Author: Anne Zouroudi
ISBN-13: 9780316075428
ARC: 322 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company, 2010
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FTC Disclosure: My copy of The Messenger of Athens was provided by the publisher for this review. I am an affiliate at IndieBound, The Book Depository, and Amazon, and any purchases made by clicking on the cover or the links provided may result in monetary compensation.

drey's thoughts:
When I was twelve, I started reading Agatha Christie. I loved her books so much I think I managed to get my hands on every single one of 'em. Every. Single. One. Why am I talking about Agatha Christie? Because she created Hercule Poirot, of course. And Anne Zouroudi's detective in The Messenger of Athens,  Hermes Diaktoros, reminds me of Hercule Poirot.

Arriving on the Greek island of Thiminos to investigate the death of the young wife of a local fisherman, Hermes brings his peculiarities along with his charming personality and intense questioning. What the local police closed as a suicide, he believes to be foul play. And as he digs around, we meet the usual suspects, along with a few unusual ones. Anne Zouroudi keeps you interested as Hermes unravels the story of Irina's death, not just with the cast of characters in this emotional tangle, but also with the lyrical description of the Greek island.

Definitely worth picking up! Only one question didn't get answered at the end... Who sent the white-shoed Mr. Diaktoros to Thiminos?

drey's rating: 3.5/5 Very Good

Challenges: 100+, Pub


bermudaonion said...

I just read this one and think you liked it a little bit more than I did. I did enjoy it, but found it to be a little bit slow.

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