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September's FEATURED AUTHOR: Catie's books!!

September 8, 2010
C.E. Murphy has written quite a few books. Let's hope I get them all down correctly... I should--I've read quite a few of 'em!

FTC Disclosure: I am an IndieBound and Amazon affiliate, and any purchases made by clicking on the cover or the links provided may result in monetary compensation.

For descriptions and excerpts, visit C.E. Murphy's website:

First up: The Walker Papers. Urban Shaman is the book that got me hooked on Catie's writing.

Seattle police mechanic Joanne Walker has no use for the mystical, but it has a use for her. When a near-death experience awakens shamanic magic within her, she finds herself up against old Celtic gods and a murderer whose magic is greater than her own…
WINTER MOON (anthology containing the novella “Banshee Cries”)
Ritual murders under a full moon lead reluctant shaman Joanne Walker to a harbinger of death…and the realization that if she doesn’t learn to use her magic, the next death may be her own…
Joanne’s spirit guide has disappeared and she’s accidentally unleashed demons on Seattle. It’s not the best time to realize she should have long since learned more about her powers…
Half of Seattle’s fallen under mystical influence and can’t wake up. Joanne Walker has stepped up her magical studies, but it may not be enough to save her friends…
Rabbit Tricks” (online offering: short story)
The undead have just crashed Joanne Walker’s Halloween party, and she has to figure out how to break the spell that lets ghosts and zombies roam the earth. Unfortunately, there’s no shamanic handbook explaining how to deal with the walking dead…
Seattle police detective Joanne Walker started the year mostly dead, and she’s ending it trying not to be consumed by evil. Literally. And the cannibalistic demon can only be tracked in its own domain: the Lower World, shamanistic plane of magic and spirits. Trouble is, Joanne’s no match for the dangers she’s about to face–and her on-the-job training could prove fatal to the people she’s sworn to protect…
SPIRIT DANCES (coming April 2011--I so cannot wait!!!)

The Old Races universe encompasses The Negotiator trilogy and other stories. I picked up Heart of Stone because I thought the cover was cool. :)

The Negotiator Trilogy:
New York City defense lawyer Margrit Knight has finally met the perfect man…only he’s a gargoyle, and wanted for murder. Caught in the strange world of the Old Races, Margrit finds herself in a race against the sunrise to clear Alban’s name and keep them both alive…
Margrit is summoned to negotiate a peace treaty amongst rival factions in the Old Races, but even as she does so, her own mortal world threatens to fall apart. Caught between a ruthless vampire mobster, a dragonlord who won’t take no for an answer, a group of subversive selkies, she finds herself alone–because the gargoyle who brought her into their world won’t return her calls…
War has erupted among the five Old Races. Torn between conflicting loyalties as the battle seeps into the human world, Margrit soon realizes the only way out is through the fire…

Other stories:
Five Card Draw” (online offering: short story)
“From Russia, With Love” (from the FANTASY MEDLEY anthology; sold out)
“Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight” (novella; sold out)
“Year of Miracles” (novella; not currently available for purchase)
“Perchance to Dream” (from the DRAGON’S LURE anthology)

After I finished reading Hands of Flame, I looked around for more books, cried when there weren't any, and heaved a sigh of relief when I found The Queen's Bastard.

The Inheritor's Cycle:
In a world where religion has ripped apart the old order, Belinda Primrose is the queen’s secret weapon. Cunning and alluring, Belinda can seduce at will and kill if she must–but her spying takes on a new twist when her witchlight appears…
Belinda Primrose is no longer anyone’s pawn. Lured by the sensual dark magic of Dmitri, envoy to a neighboring throne, yet still drawn to the witchlord embrace of her former lover, Javier, Belinda has entered a realm where power and control go to those who can master and manipulate their fiercest desires. For the witchpower depends on the skill its wielder holds…

And, of course, with Truthseeker out this month, we have the Worldwalker duology to add to the list!

Gifted with an uncanny intuition, Lara Jansen nonetheless thinks there is nothing particularly special about her until Dafydd ap Caerwyn reveals himself as a prince of Faerie and names Lara a truthseeker, a person with the rare talent of being able to tell truth from falsehood. Caught between bitterly opposed Faerie forces and Dafydd’s secrets, which are as perilous as he is irresistible, Lara finds that her abilities are increasing in unexpected and uncontrollable ways. With the fate of two worlds at stake and a malevolent entity wielding the darkest of magic, Lara and Dafydd will risk everything on a love that may be their salvation—or the most treacherous illusion of all…

Last, but not least, written as Cate Dermody, The Strongbox Chronicles:
Alisha MacAleer has dedicated her life to serving her country as an agent of the CIA. Now as her allies begin to show their true colors, she’s reminded of the first law of spying: trust no one but yourself.
The legendary Sicarii will do anything to get their hands on the artificial intelligence war drone called the Firebird. Betrayed on all sides by her comrades, covert agent Alisha MacAleer’s worst and only choice for allies is the man who once broke her heart…by shooting her in the back.
Alisha MacAleer has walked away from the spy game…but the game won’t let her go. When the Sicarii come after Alisha’s family, she resolves to end this dance once and for all…

Short Stories & Other Things:
» “Cairn Dancer” (from THE PHANTOM QUEEN AWAKES anthology)
» “Blended” (from the RUNNING WITH THE PACK anthology)
» “Take A Chance” : 5 issue comic series
» “Glasslands
» “Previously, on Take A Chance…
» “Them Shoes
» “Ill Met by Moonlight
» “A Compendium of Kitlings

Whew! I don't know how she does it, but still, I want more!!! Thanks for writing, Catie! I know I'll be reading! I've read everything except the anthologies, and Truthseeker (which should be here soon), and the Strongbox Chronicles (but I've just downloaded The Cardinal Rule). Have you read Catie's books? Which ones?


Stephen Parrish said...

I don't know how she does it either. Welcome, Catie! Save some trees for the rest of us, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I... have a lot of catching up to do.

Or, to put it another way, I have a lot of good reading to look forward to. :)

drey said...

ha ha indeed, steve. go read some. :p

and yes, Paul. you have a lot of good reading to look fwd to... :)

just finished truthseeker. where's wayfinder??

Catie said...

*laughs* I'll try, Stephen. My big goal for the next few years is to SLOW DOWN. :)

Well, WAYFINDER is *finished*, Drey...just, y'know. Not revised to editor specification, or in any way actually prepared for publication yet... :)

holdenj said...

Wow, I really liked learning about the books, the Walker series seems especially good. She is a new author to me, I may begin with the Walker Paper series!

drey said...

no slowing down, Catie! noooooooooooooooo!!! :P

um, well, if wayfinder is *finished*, may i volunteer to be, er, your proof-reader? :D pretty please?

holdenj - the walker papers series is awesome! i got a friend hooked on Catie's books w/ the negotiator series. :)

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