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Blog Tour: 31. Etched in Bone by Adrian Phoenix...

February 24, 2011
I really liked Adrian Phoenix's Black Dust Mambo, so when Pocket Books offered the opportunity to read Etched in Bone for this blog tour, I jumped! After all, I have to have more Adrian Phoenix while waiting for Black Heart Loa, right?

About the author:
Adrian Phoenix is the critically acclaimed author of The Maker's Song series: A Rush of Wings, In the Blood, and Beneath the Skin. She is also the author of Black Dust Mambo, the first book in a new series featuring a voodooienne from New Orleans. She has published stories in several magazines and anthologies. She currently lives in Oregon, but travels to New Orleans, the city of her heart, whenever possible.

About the book:


More beautiful and powerful than any creature the world has ever seen, Dante Baptiste has become the supreme target of the three worlds that spawned him. The mortal agents of the Shadow Branch have tried to control his mind through psychological torture. The vampire elders who guide nightkind society have plotted to use him in their bloodthirsty bid for power. And the Fallen have waited for millennia for Dante to claim his birthright as their Maker. But Dante belongs to no one—except the woman he loves...


Determined to face the Fallen and the world on his own terms, Dante hopes to piece together his shattered past and claim his future, with FBI agent Heather Wallace at his side. But in Heather's human family awaits an unexpected enemy. One who could rip Heather from Dante's heart and fill the holes with bullets. One who could force Dante to choose his darkest destiny—as the Great Destroyer...

etched in boneTitle: Etched in Bone (Maker's Song #4)
Author: Adrian Phoenix
ISBN-13: 9781439137307
Paperback: 382 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 2011
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Simon & Schuster

drey's thoughts:
After cracking the pages of Etched in Bone, I realized I really should've read the first three books in the series. Not that this couldn't be read as a stand-alone--it can. But the previous books provide background to all of the events in this fourth book. And I like background...

Character: Fans of the series already know the hero and heroine, Dante and Heather. I, on the other hand, just met them, and was a bit confused as to the nature of their relationship, until about 2/3 of the way through when I got it. Call me slow... Dante is a tortured soul, for sure. And Heather is a stronger woman than I could ever be. The two of them share something strong though, and Adrian Phoenix's writing makes you feel as though you really know them.

Pace & Plot: Etched in Bone is gripping from beginning to end. The first few chapters left me a bit foggy, as it's like one of those TV episodes that start almost-at-the-end, then backtracks to the beginning, and finishes up at the end. With a cliffhanger, of course. Because where would the fun be if it wasn't one? But. Even through the fog and the confusion, I'm totally glad I read this, and I'll be reading books one through three as soon as I can get my hands on 'em!

drey's rating: Excellent: Fans of vampy paranormals with romantic leading characters should definitely pick this up (but start with book 1, A Rush of Wings...

Have you read Etched in Bone? What did you think?

Thanks to Pocket Books, I have two copies of Etched in Bone for you, if you live in the US. To enter, comment and tell me you want this. Remember to include your email address, and do it before 6pm CST March 9th. Good luck!!


Bethany C. said...

Yes, please! I love this series. Thanks for the giveaway!


wheels209 said...

Hey drey,
No need to enter me. I am really enjoying Black Dust Mambo. The characters with-in the story are what drives me to the end of the book. I will pick-up number two in the series.

Have a great weekend my friend.

Tore923 said...

I would love to read this series. Please enter me in contest.

Mariee said...

Great giveaway! Please count me in.

marieimy (at) gmail (dot) com

Pam P said...

Count me in please, love to try this series.
pambook alt pamreads @

heatwave16 said...

I'd love a copy!!!


donnas said...

Sounds good. Thanks for the chance!

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Aik said...

It sounds really interesting!

aikychien at yahoo dot com

lindseye said...

Have not tried this series yet but I have been reading many books in the UF line and have loved many of them. Do not need any moe books in the TBR pile but there should be room.

linze_e at

Jessica said...

I want to read this book because it sounds really suspenseful and also intriguing.

jsididia at gmail dot com

Aik said...

Please count me in!

aikychien at yahoo dot com

rubynreba said...

I've heard that these books are good! Love to be entered.

CherylS22 said...

I'd love to win this book!
Thanks for the chance~
megalon22 at yahoo dot com

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