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a bit of a remodel, and a winner announcement!

April 5, 2011
Hey y'all... If you've stopped by today, you'll have noticed a new look. I got antsy and started playing around with a freebie template I found at Use Your Imagination Designs. It's simple, and pretty, doncha think? *grin*

There's still some things I need to figure out. Like how to make the font for my page headers match the sidebar fonts. How to scootch the header image a little higher (too much white space annoys me). And how to reapply my tweetmeme button in the post title. Other than that I have some meta stuff to re-do, once I remember what I did before... Heh.

Ok, now on to the important stuff! I have a winner to announce for that copy of Elizabeth Chadwick's To Defy a King, and according to Randomizer, that lucky duck is...

Comment #2: debbie!!

Congratulations, debbie! Email's on its way, please reply with your mailing information before the end of day Friday. Thanks for swinging by!


bermudaonion said...

I love the new look!! Congratulations, Debbie!

wheels209 said...

Hey Drey,
Nice blog makeover. Spring cleaning at your house must be a real blast. Take care my friend.

drey said...

Thanks, Kathy & Steve! Spring cleaning at my house makes it look like a storm blew through! :P Will you guys let me know if there's too much stuff? I want to get rid of more!!

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