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Borrow my NOOKbook!

January 9, 2011
I've spent some time noodling on how I could make this work. I have a pretty extensive NOOKbook library now that I've had a year to accumulate books. Not all of them are lendable, of course, but the ones that are, well, I'm going to give y'all a chance to read them if you'd like.

So here's how this is going to work. I am going to list ALL my lendable NOOKbooks here. You sign up in a form I'll provide every Sunday, where I'll post the rules for that week's drawing and also announce the previous week's winner. Books that have been lent will be removed from the list. I hope I have enough books to interest you for 52 weeks!!! *grin*

Without further chatter, here are the books, listed by author:
1/10/2011: I had to adjust the list, because certain books were no longer listed with LendMe. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm pretty bummed out... :(
  1. Silent Blade by Ilona Andrews
  2. Colter's Wife by Maya Banks
  3. Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
  4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  5. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  6. Spying in High Heels by Gemma Halliday
  7. Killer in High Heels by Gemma Halliday
  8. Undercover in High Heels by Gemma Halliday
  9. Christmas in High Heels by Gemma Halliday
  10. Mayhem in High Heels by Gemma Halliday
  11. Shadowfae by Erica Hayes
  12. Switched by Amanda Hocking
  13. Torn by Amanda Hocking
  14. 7th Victim by Alan Jacobson
  15. Crush by Alan Jacobson
  16. The Mane Event by Shelly Laurenston
  17. Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston
  18. Go Fetch by Shelly Laurenston
  19. Here Kitty Kitty by Shelly Laurenston
  20. Hunting Season by Shelly Laurenston
  21. To Kill a Warlock by H.P. Mallory
  22. Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory
  23. Toil and Trouble by H.P. Mallory
  24. Behind Closed Doors by Shannon McKenna
  25. Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead
  26. Succubus on Top by Richelle Mead
  27. Storm Born by Richelle Mead
  28. Evermore by Alyson Noel
  29. The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
  30. Three Seconds by Anders Roslund & Borge Hellstrom
  31. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
  32. Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson
  33. Kitty Goes to War by Carrie Vaughn
To do this, you MUST be able to read these books! It's not fair to the other entrants if you win a book they'd want, but cannot read it. Check out B&N's NOOKbook FAQs if you have questions, or ask & I'll try to answer.

The first giveaway starts now. Fill out the form to enter. Feel free to leave a comment, too--even if that's not necessary for your entry to count! Do it before 6pm Saturday, so I have time to prep for Sunday's post!

(No, I have not read all of them. Yes, I have a book-buying habit.)


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I totally need to get you my books so you can loan 'em. Can you loan them if they come from Smashwords, or will you have to buy them direct from B&N?

Nicole K/GothamGal said...

This is a great idea, thanks for the chance to win. I love my nook, and love the loan feature!

Boo Bear's Place said...

Awesome idea! I really don't understand how you loan them out though. A friend told me I could borrow hers but not sure how it works. Plus ran across several ppl on twitter that's looking to loan nook books as well.

lingeorge said...

I love this idea. I am new to this having just got my Nook Color a couple of weeks ago. Haven't figured out how to share yet. I think this is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea. I can't enter as I have a Kindle, but I think Amazon is about start making this a possibility there as well.

I decided to start giving away all the books I review or almost all of them. I thought - why not? I read almost half on my Kindle, but unless I think I'll reread a book or it has an author signature I want to cherish - I'm running a giveaway for every review. why not make sure that someone who would like to have it has a chance to get it. The ultimate recycling.

Suzanne said...

A Great Idea, Drey! And boy, do you have a nice collection of Nookbooks! Unlike Kindle (and now I think they've also caught on to the idea) it's nice to be able to lend books to friends and people not on your account. Thanks for sharing!

drey said...

To those who ask... On my NOOKbooks library list, there's a "lendMe" tag on the ones that I can loan. To see if a book is lendable, you look at the title's NOOKbook page. If it's lendable, there'll be a "Lend me: this NOOKbook is lendable" tag under the "Buy" button, like on the one for Three Seconds ( If it's not lendable, the tag isn't there, like on the page for An Artificial Night ( which is a shame, I'm loving that series!

drey said...

Kay ~ You can still enter, if you don't mind reading the NOOKbook with the Nook app on your computer, iPad, & even some phones!... Check out the NOOK apps page!

drey said...

Boo Bear's Place ~ From my B&N library (online), I click on the "LendMe" icon by a book title, then enter the email address of the person I'm lending to. They get an email, and once they accept it (not sure how, but I'm guessing that the email will have a link to click on to accept the book), they have 14 days to read the book. While the book's out on loan, I won't have access to it. And at the end of the 14 days, the borrower can no longer read the book, and it returns to my library...

I'm pretty sure I can do this straight from my nook, too, but haven't yet.

holdenj said...

Well, Drey, I'm going to noodle this for a while too before entering I think! I just got my nook for Christmas and am still learning! I love the offer and it looks like there will be plenty of time to perhaps win and borrow a book from you. BTW, I love the entire Billy Boyle series and was excited to see you have the first one on your Nook list. Not my normal genre, but I think Benn has done such a great job with Billy and WWII minutae!
Thanks so much! Maybe I will be brave and enter in a few weeks after I'm more comfortable with my Nook (and have read the free books I've downloaded!)

drey said...

Yay for getting a nook for Christmas! :) The Billy Boyle book is one I haven't read yet. It was free a while ago, and I picked it up because I thought it sounded interesting with the WWII stuff & all.. .Glad to hear you liked it!

drey said...

I also meant to say--you can still enter, I can hold off on the actual "loan" till you're ready if that's what you'd want to do... :)

wheels209 said...

Hey drey,
I would like to add my voice and say what a great idea this is for people that want to borrow your nookbooks. Way to go my friend. Woot,Woot!!! Everyone please enjoy the sharing. It is fun and easy to do. Once a person gets the invitation from drey and B&N just chick the button at the bottom of the e-mail "I think it does say except" and the nookbook should download shortly after that. Drey,just trying to help out as best I can. Hope you don't mind.

Take care my friend have a great week.

drey said...

Thanks for your voice, Steve! :) Have you entered the giveaway? :P

wheels209 said...

Hey drey,
no, I did not enter. It's okay my friend I am cool with my choice. On a side note, I almost broke my hand last night. I am okay, hand is pretty swollen and sore. All and all I am very lucky.
Take care my good friend,All the Best

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