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I was on Scene of the Blog!!

June 24, 2011
I am so embarrassed! I was scheduled to appear on Kitling: Books' Scene of the Blog on Wednesday (yes, two days ago), and completely forgot to post about it!! o.O I am usually not that rude, Cathy!

scene type 267x200pxl.jpg

Scene of the Blog is a weekly feature on Kittling: Books that spotlights the creative spaces of book bloggers around the world. Originally limited to photographs showing desks, kitchen countertops and the occasional comfy chair, this feature has blossomed into showing sidewalk cafes, converted garage spaces, bookshelves and pets.

Head on over and see my messy spaces!  (And my apologies again to Cathy for forgetting to post about this...)


wheels209 said...

Hey drey,
Messy Spaces Ya,Right, No Way.....No How....(Grin, Belly Laugh!!!)
Take care my friend have a great weekend,

Cathy said...

Thanks for being such a great guest, Drey!

drey said...

Ha ha Steve! :P

Thanks for having me over, Cathy! :)

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