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75. All About Us #4: Who Made You a Princess? by Shelley Adina...

May 16, 2009
This is my first All About Us novel, & I wasn't sure whether it would be easy to pick up without having read any of the others. Rest assured, this is easy enough to read as a stand-alone.  

Shani Amira Marjorie Hanna is back at Spencer Academy with her friends, and a new boy to drool over. Adding excitement to the student body at Spencer is Prince Rashid al Amir, who gets fawned over by everyone but somehow only wants to hang with Shani. 

When Shani finds out that she is the Prince's intended, she is confused and angry. Who has their marriages arranged in this day & age anyway? How could her parents do this to her? And after learning of the history between hers & the prince's family, Shani has to decide whether she can & will become Rashid's princess, or if she can stand up for her own choices.

This was a quick and easy read.  The plotline was predictable and the girls a little overly bratty, in my opinion.. But hey, summer's coming up, and this is a perfect beach read.

Title: All About Us #4: Who Made You a Princess?
Author: Shelley Adina
ISBN-10: 0446179620
ISBN-13: 978-0446179621
Paperback: 215 pages (ARC)
Publisher: Faithwords, May 2009


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