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Review: 57. The Color of Earth by Kim Dong Hwa...

May 6, 2011
I picked this one up on a whim the last time I was at the library, and now I'm hoping I remember where from so I can get the next two!

the color of earth
Title: The Color of Earth (The Color of Earth #1)
Author: Kim Dong Hwa
ISBN-13: 9781596434585
Paperback: 312 pages
Publisher: First Second, 2009
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Waukesha Public Library

drey's thoughts:
I love the cover of The Color of Earth, and it's the reason I even picked it up at all. Then I opened the book and was swept away by the captivating story of a little girl who is growing up and learning about love and life.

Ehwa is seven years old when we meet her, and she's found out that the villagers in her town can be cruel and thoughtless, men can be pigs, and little girls don't have the same parts as little boys... Two years later she wonders about babies, her widowed mother falls in love, and she meets a shy young monk. We follow along as Ehwa navigates her way through the changes in her body and the unfamiliar pangs of infatuation and young love.

The art is simply drawn, yet evocative of the Ehwa's feelings. There were pages where I could just tell where she was at emotionally, without reading any of the words on the page. Which would've been a pity, as the words themselves flow together beautifully. I loved the characters, I loved the artwork, and I loved the story.

drey's rating: Outstanding! I'm going to pick up The Color of Water for one of my travel reads next week.


bermudaonion said...

I love the cover too. I'm jotting this title down.

drey said...

:) The inside pages aren't color--I forgot to mention that. Makes the art even more powerful, I think.

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