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Review: 58. Love Drunk Cowboy by Carolyn Brown...

May 9, 2011
I love me some good ol' Carolyn Brown cowboy romances! And was very happy to get my hands on a copy of her latest--Love Drunk Cowboy. How could you not want to read a book with that title?

love drunk cowboy
Title: Love Drunk Cowboy (Spikes & Spurs #1)
Author: Carolyn Brown
ISBN-13: 9781402253584
Paperback: 391 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks, 2011
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Sourcebooks

drey's thoughts:
I love cowboys. Or rather, I love the idea of cowboys. The hats are just sexy (anyone watch The Amazing Race? I ❤ Jet!), they can two-step and (boot-scootin') boogie, and they're muscled from hard work, not a workout bench... Alright, alright, I'm wiping off the drool now...

Carolyn Brown's characters are always a hoot, full of sass and vinegar, stubborn as a mule, and sexy as hell. And Love Drunk Cowboy is no different. Here we have a big city gal who's in town to take care of her departed grandmother's affairs. Right across the street is the sexy cowboy who's been on the phone every Thursday night for so long she's sure she knows him inside and out. Then girl meets boy and girl is completely flummoxed. Who knew he was young? Or sexy? Well, other than you & I that is... Oh, and Carolyn too! *wink*

Of course, he's always around, pointing out things that need to be taken care of like planting this year's crop (she rides a tractor!), paying the hired help, buying supplies, and making her grandmother's wine... Slowly but surely this little town nudges its way into the big city gal's heart. And she's torn--does she go back to her big city job with the promotion she's worked so hard for? Or does she stay with the little town, the farm, and the sexy cowboy?

I'm not giving away any answers. And you know the journey to the answer is going to be fun to read, so pick this up and prepare to be entertained!

drey's rating: Pick it up! Carolyn Brown's cowboy romances are must-reads for those who love their contemporary romances amidst ranches, rodeos, sassiness, sexiness, and spunk!


Carolyn Brown said...

What an awesome review! Thank you from the bottom of my boots!

drey said...

Thanks for stopping in, Carolyn!! When's the next cowboy romance coming out? ;)

Carolyn Brown said...

Next up...Red's Hot Cowboy in August and then Darn Good Cowboy Christmas, October. After that One Hot Cowboy Wedding, April 2012 and then there will be three more in the Spikes & Spurs series!

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