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Review: 72. Wish You Were Here by Phillipa Ashley...

June 3, 2011
I'd enjoyed Phillipa Ashley's Dating Mr. December, so I thought I'd check out her latest, Wish You Were Here... (and no, I haven't gotten to 12 Men of Christmas yet; but it's on my Netflix queue!)

wish you were here
Title: Wish You Were Here
Author: Phillipa Ashley
ISBN-13: 9781402241444
ARC: 286 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc., 2011
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Sourcebooks, Inc.

drey's thoughts:
Phillipa Ashley's latest offering is a tale of second chances--and whether you should take them. Beth met Jack when she was just nineteen and vacationing in Corsica. A whirlwind romance later, he asks her to marry him and she says "yes!" Then he disappears, and she's heartbroken. Fast forward eight years and Beth is walking into an interview for a job that she really needs. And guess who's on the other side of the desk? Jack, of course.

Taking this job might be the dumbest thing she ever did, but she needs it. But having to work with Jack--even if it's only temporary--brings up past memories and past hurts. Can they start over? Do they want to?

I liked Beth--she's charming, and you can feel the hurt she's still carrying around. I liked Jack, too. He had his reasons for being a complete cad back then. I even liked the two of them together--there's snappy dialog and chemistry between them. All in all, a good book to add to your beach bag for light summer reading.

drey's rating: Pick it up!


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