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Review: 82. Demons Prefer Blondes by Sidney Ayers...

June 28, 2011
Today's review is for the first in a new series from Sidney Ayers...

Title: Demons Prefer Blondes (Demons Unleashed #1)
Author: Sidney Ayers
ISBN-13: 9781402251740
ARC: 392 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc., 2011
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Source: Sourcebooks

drey's thoughts:
Demons Prefer Blondes is a paranormal romance that is quirky and funny. The heroine is a newly-aware succubus who happens to be succubi royalty. The hero is a tortured demon who cannot believe he’s being sent to Earth to retrieve an antique chest. And once Lucy and Rafe meet, all Hell breaks loose. Literally. So what else is there to do but fight?

On the bad side: A big bad demon who’s intent on getting his hands on an antique chest that Lucy’s bff bought from an antique store. He wouldn’t mind getting his hands on Lucy, too, especially once he finds out who her father is. Oh, and he has Rafe’s sister in his thrall.

On the good side: Rafe. His posse: BFF Nic, clean-up maestro Kalli, talking ape-imp Squeaky, Lucy’s guardian angel, and her salon employee-slash-friend Frankie.
Who do you think wins? Why, love of course. After all, this is a romance novel. And in the helter-skelter from the first page to the last is a ton of humor.

With all that said, I do wish I liked this book more than I do. It was an ok read for me--there was so much chaos from so many characters, so nobody really stood out--not even Rafe and Lucy. And their story seemed a bit rushed into, and yet they’re pledging undying love and all that jazz. But still, it’s a fun romp, so give it a whirl if paranormal romance is your thing.

drey's rating: Ok.


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