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My latest haul...

December 9, 2008
A friend of mine works at a bookstore, which had their Employee Appreciation party recently. Knowing my love of reading, she invited me to come and partake of her employee discount during this event.

So, here's the haul, which I'm hoping to save for the '09 reading challenges. Hey, a girl can hope, right? Some of these are recommendations from my friend (#1, 8, 9), some are books I've read but didn't own (#4, 7), some are a continuation of a storyline (#4, 5, 10), some I just picked up on a whim.
  1. The Man with the Golden Torc, by Simon R. Green
  2. Playing for Pizza, by John Grisham
  3. Magic to the Bone, by Devon Monk
  4. Shakespeare's Christmas, by Charlaine Harris. This is for my collection, I couldn't find it anywhere before.
  5. One Foot in the Grave, by Jeaniene Frost
  6. Dixieland Sushi, by Cara Lockwood
  7. Peony in Love, by Lisa See
  8. Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld
  9. Darkfever, by Karen Marie Moning
  10. The Riven Kingdom, by Karen Miller (Godspeaker Trilogy Book 2)
What might help me "hide" these till '09, is the pile I just picked up from the library on Sunday:
  1. The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes (the first 5 are by Jennifer Crusie)
  2. Crazy for You
  3. Anyone But You
  4. Welcome to Temptation
  5. Fast Women
  6. A Mercy, by Toni Morrison
  7. Magic and the Modern Girl, by Mindy Klasky
I don't know, though. I've already gone through 3 (#2, 3, 4), and am working my way through #5 and #1 (which is my read-while-in-the-school-pickup-line). Maybe if I actually review them, I'll take longer to inhale?



Anonymous said...

I love-love-love Moning's book! I am getting the second in this series soon. :)

drey said...

It came VERY highly recommended. But I had to take it with a grain of salt, as she'd also recommended Laurel Hamilton's books, which I lost interest in... =) Good to hear the second opinion! =D

Anonymous said...

Oh. My God. You don't like Laurel Hamilton's books? I thought I was the ONLY one. I can't stand them. I've tried to read one of her books three times and gave up permanently. I did love DARKFEVER though. :)

drey said...

Y'know, if there was more plot & story, & less SEX, I'd probably like 'em more... =P Am I crazy? =P The 1st book wasn't that bad - there was a storyline, there was some sex, there were interesting characters. And it went downhill from there.

Anonymous said...

I know I am taking forever to get back here and chat. Sorry!

Lots of readers feel the same about too much sex. That part never bothered me. I love it. What bothers me is the other. I like a good story with it. And if I can't connect to the characters, forget it.

And no, you aren't!

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