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Who wants to win a Kindle?

December 3, 2008
I first found this at Reading Adventures, thanks Marg! Angela at Nice Mommy, Evil Editor is giving away TWO Amazon Kindles, one each in two separate contests. In addition, she's giving away all kinds of other goodies, too. Go here to check out all of her holiday giveaways.

The Kindle drawings are kind of a treasure hunt on author websites. It's fun, but will take a while to hunt your way through all of them. Go here for the first Kindle drawing, and here for the second. A couple notes of caution before you proceed - make sure you have enough time set aside to hunt with, and make sure impressionable ones are not present and looking over your shoulder... Some of the book covers are very, er, steamy...

Since the Kindle is on my "I want" list, I spent the time to go hunting around. Wish me luck! =)


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