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88. Devils in the Sugar Shop by Timothy Schaffert...

June 11, 2009
devils in the sugar shopDevils in the Sugar Shop had me confused at the beginning, with its plethora of characters, all woven into each other's lives. I had to work at remembering who was who, who was sleeping with whom, who was married (or not anymore) to whom, etc... Whew. But, I think I got it all... =)

Ashley is a novelist who's happily married to Troy. She teaches erotic-writing workshops, unaware that her twenty-something student, Peach, is having an affair with Troy. Deedee is divorced, still attached to her ex (or rather, to the thought of her ex), and making money selling toys to the suburban wives in the area. Viv is an artist, still single, being stalked, and meeting with Deedee's ex.

And if one generation in complicated trysts isn't enough, Deedee's daughter Naomi has a crush on Ashley's son Lee, who is gay.

Devils in the Sugar Shop walks a fine line in telling the stories of its characters' relationships. It is a sarcastically witty commentary on the people who believe what they want to believe, and who then act accordingly.

Title: Devils in the Sugar Shop
Author: Timothy Schaffert
ISBN-10: 193296133X
ISBN-13: 978-1932961331
Paperback: 246 pages
Publisher: Unbridled Books, 2006


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