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144. The Ashleys by Melissa de la Cruz...

September 2, 2009
the ashleysYes, I'm still on my Melissa de la Cruz kick... *grin*

About the book:
The Ashleys rule Miss Gamble's Preparatory School for Girls. They are gorgeous, rich, impeccably fashion forward, and yes, all named Ashley. Lauren Page has gone to the same school with them her whole life, and the Ashleys, if forced to remember, might recall only a faint memory of shoving mud in the poor girl's mouth in kindergarten.

But Lauren Page is no longer the mud-eating loser she once was. And though she has completely changed her exterior from bargain-basement cast-offs to off-the-runway couture(props, of course, to her new personal shopper) she is still the same person on the inside. And that person has had enough of the current reginme.

Look out, Ashleys. There's a new name in school.

drey's thoughts:
Hoo boy. I never remembered twelve being particularly stressful or nasty. Maybe it's 'cuz I wasn't at Miss Gamble's? I never liked spoiled brats, and it's no surprise that really rich kids who do whatever they want and get away with it are spoiled brats. Like the three Ashleys. And even Lauren, who used to be one of the "picked upons," who thinks that because she's now rich (well, her dad is at any rate), that she can get "in" with the Ashleys. But that's not so easy.

The Ashleys is a story about trying to fit in, and maybe, just possibly trying to one-up the leaders of the pack. Only, those things never seem to work the way you want them to, or plan for them to. And do you really want to, anyway? Fit in, I mean? Blaze your own course, Lauren! Break free, Lili! Stand tall, A.A.!!

Yeah, I never thought much about the "in" crowd, while in school. But it sure is entertaining to read about them. Even if my mom would've smacked me upside the head if I ever behaved like these girls do.

Title: The Ashleys
Author: Melissa de la Cruz
ISBN-10: 1416934065
ISBN-13: 978-1416934066
Paperback: 245 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, 2008

Challenges: Support Your Local Library, 100+, 1st in Series


rhapsodyinbooks said...

That title is a riot! My little sister is named Ashley - I have to get this for her!

drey said...

Heh! She might so not appreciate the comparison, lol!!

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