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154. Lip Gloss Jungle by Melissa de la Cruz...

September 12, 2009
lip gloss jungleAbout the book:
Lauren Page's plan was simple: Get a fabulous makeover, become one of the Ashleys, and once she was securely in their trenches, completely destroy them from the inside. The only problem is, now that Lauren is seventh-grade royalty she isn't so sure she wants to follow through--especially because Sadie, her former best friend and current best frenemy, has formed a new plan to bring down the Ashleys in all of her own fabulous makeover glory.

Now Lauren's plan of action has changed: to save the Ashleys. But with Ashley dating a penniless blue-collar, Lili shunning makeup and fashion, and A.A. questioning Ashley's loyalty, can it be done? Or will the Ashleys actually go down?

drey's thoughts:
I think this is the book I've been waiting for in this series, and it's fitting that it's bringing up the rear. In this installment, the tie that binds the Ashleys together starts fraying. Betrayals past come back to haunt Ashley. A.A. has to decide if having her boyfriend means confronting her "BFF" over a very tall tale that hasn't been 'fessed up to. And Lili doesn't like that their former threesome is looking to become a permanent foursome. Especially since they're faced with rivals. Like, for the first time ever!

Ashley grows up a little, Lauren chooses sides, A.A. throws down the gauntlet, and Lili asserts herself. A good, fitting conclusion to the Ashley series. I'll be taking a break from tween drama for a bit now.

Title: Lip Gloss Jungle
Author: Melissa de la Cruz
ISBN-10: 141693409X
ISBN-13: 978-1416934097
Paperback: 239 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, 2008

Challenges: 100+, Support Your Local Library, Series


Bingo said...

Looks like you really like this series, Drey. Come by as I have an award for you. Thanks,

Josette said...

Does this book have anything to do with the show, Lipstick Jungle?

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