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November's FEATURED AUTHOR: Jeannie's books!!

November 10, 2010
This month's Featured Author, Jeannie Lin, writes historical romance set in China. Here are her books:

butterfly swords

On the way to her wedding, Ai Li discovers a plot against her family and escapes with butterfly swords in hand. When a blue-eyed barbarian rushes into a throng of bandits to save her, their journey takes them across the Tang Empire and to the very edge of honor, loyalty, and love.
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mei lin

When a corrupt local official wants to take Mei Lin as, not second, but third wife, she rebels and makes an outrageous declaration — she’ll only marry a man if he can defeat her in a sword fight. She has managed to fend off the local thugs and village hopefuls, but then a tall, mysterious stranger comes into town…
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository

Hmm... Who else is drooling over the yummy Asian dude? *grin*


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