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Review: 135. Unholy Magic by Stacia Kane...

November 5, 2010
I really enjoy the world that Stacia Kane created in her Downside Ghosts series, especially the language. I'd love to have her swing by one of these days and tell us more about how this world evolved.

Title: Unholy Magic (Downside Ghosts #2)
Author: Stacia Kane
ISBN-13: 9780345515582
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group, 2010
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drey's thoughts:
Oh, Chess. I so wish you'd get some help with that addiction of yours,  because right now your life just seems to be based on a series of choices--when you get to choose, that is--that you make based on whether or when you can get more... You need to get more rest, take better care of yourself, move out of the Downside...

I do understand that if you did, though, you would probably be a different Chess than the one I know and want to read more of. Who knows, maybe making better decisions means that you're not entangled in situations that just seem to pop up out of the blue, with all four loyalties digging their talons into you and pulling you in different directions... Which four, you ask? Well, there's the Church you work for, asking you to look into the supposed haunting of a famous actor's home (shhhhh, keep this on the down low!). Then there's Bump, the drug lord in Downside, who seems to think you're his personal Church-witch, because he has the drugs you want. Or maybe it's Lex, whom you get more than just drugs from (you can do better, you know...). And, of course, there's your personal little helper, those little pills that help you make it through each and every day... When Bump and Lex approach about dead prostitutes, you wonder if you're getting in the middle of a gang war. But they'd tell you if you were, right?

Anyway. I really am glad you made it through Unholy Magic in one piece (although you sure had me on tenterhooks for quite a bit there!). I'm sorry that Terrible's not on speaking terms with you anymore though--except when he's on Bump's business, of course. I sure hope you get help--and soon--because I'm not sure how many more of these stories you can keep going through, without causing permanent harm to yourself. And that would not be good.

drey's rating: 3.5/5 Very Good

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holdenj said...

Another new to me series! Thanks for the great info, it looks enticing.

wheels209 said...

Hey drey,
I like this book. Although it has a very different and strange feel to it(in a good way.) I don't know what Chess will do next even from page to page. Nice change from the normal book fair. Thanks for letting me know about this book, great review.

drey said...

Hey Steve - It does have a very different feel to it, doesn't it? I love the way Stacia Kane uses language in this series, it adds emphasis that it's not really our world anymore. Can't wait to read City of Ghosts!

holdenj - Give it a whirl and let me know what you think! Start with Unholy Ghosts first!

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