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December's FEATURED AUTHOR: Gifts...

December 22, 2010
'Tis the season... December's Featured Author Theresa Danley swings by to share some thoughts on gifts...

For myself, this time of year brings out the season of gift giving and family traditions. I’m quite certain I am not alone. And for anyone with anything to sell it may very well have become their tradition to target the rest of us summoned to the spirit of gift giving. But don’t be so down on the marketers - we all find our ways of getting Christmas dinner to the table somehow.

In regards to gifts, I certainly enjoy giving and receiving as much as the next person. These days my childhood lies only at heart and my anticipation for gifts has outgrown the expectation of toys, treats and even those dreaded clothes wrapped in pretty paper and shiny bows. Instead, I’ve come to appreciate the gifts I’ve received from others that remain wrapped in this mediocre shell that is my person. Gifts like the drive to work hard to achieve my goals which I received from my parents. Then there are those gifts that invoke feelings that can’t be contained by ribbon. How do you compare anything to the loyalty of a good dog or the serenity of a steady horse? The gifts of sisters, friendships and good neighbors are priceless and the joys of marriage and building our own family with its own traditions are unmatched by anything I’ve yet to find in this world.

There are so many things that I’ve come to appreciate that I could add to my gift list, but I certainly couldn’t go without including those gifts that seem to arrive with no name tags. If I were to lump these all under one category, they might be called talents. Some people are gifted athletes, others are gifted actors or musicians. Mine is the love of the written word. Though I may not be as gifted as others in the realms of writing, I consider it a great gift to have this avenue of expression considering I find it difficult to express myself any other way.

Most, if not all of these gifts that I hold inside can only be God-given, gifts received from the original gift giver – the giver of life. What can be more grand than the gift of our very existence? Perhaps that is the one gift most overlooked and taken for granted by us all. But maybe as we enjoy this season of giving and receiving we’ll take a moment’s pause to consider those gifts we won’t find under the Christmas tree.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a new year of exploring our inner gifts!

Merry Christmas, Theresa! And thank you so very much for bringing my Featured Author spotlight to a close for 2010. Have a wonderful 2011!


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