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Review: 156. Weight of Stone by Laura Anne Gilman...

December 17, 2010
I read Laura Anne Gilman's Flesh and Fire last year, and was intrigued by the combination of magic and wine. Weight of Stone is the sequel.

weight of stone
Title: Weight of Stone (Vineart War #2)
Author: Laura Anne Gilman
ISBN-13: 9781439101452
Hardcover: 374 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 2010
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Waukesha Public Library

drey's thoughts:
Weight of Stone picks up where Flesh and Fire left off... Jerzy's in trouble, and is on the lam with Ao--a trader, and Mahault--a noblewoman. Taking on the seas isn't one of his better ideas, but he's trying to find the source of the taint, because he believes that is what his master would want him to do. Too bad he can't ask, but the Washers are looking for him after the events at Aleppan.

Unfortunately, fate intervenes, and the trio acquires a fourth--Kainam, princeling from an island nation hidden from the world. His mission is to find out who has been interfering with Atakus--from his sister's murder to the firespouts that burned ships from the nearby nation of Caul. Something's not quite right, and he intends to find it before Atakus is devoured by the chaos and fear.

There is a lot of meandering back and forth in Weight of Stone. Jerzy does return to Master Malech, only to have to set off again. The Washers are still looking for him. The source of the taint is still tauntingly out of reach. And the foursome split up, then re-converge. I'm a bit confused at all the new bits and pieces introduced into this puzzle in this installment. Guess I'll have to read The Shattered Vine (coming October 2011) to find out how it all fits.

drey's rating: 3/5 Good

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