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Review: 154. Unclean Spirits by M.L.N. Hanover...

December 10, 2010
I picked this one up on a whim--the cover looked cool, and there was more than one book out in the series so I could binge. *blush*

unclean spiritsTitle: Unclean Spirits (Black Sun's Daughter #1)
Author: MLN Hanover
ISBN-13: 9781439143056
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 2009
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drey's thoughts:
Jayné Heller is twenty-two, aimless, and alone when she finds out that her uncle Eric is dead (murdered) and she's his heir. She also finds out that he was involved in hunting riders--beings who possess humans and take 'em over. Kinda like parasites. Yes, this means believing in demons and magic and all that stuff...

While checking out one of her new living quarters, she comes across Midian, who's a corpse-like vampiric creature who can cook like a superstar chef. And then the bad guys come a-visiting, and Jayné displays some very talented kick-ass mojo. As in, she kicks ass. Of course, she doesn't know how she does it--can we say "girl, you've got something special going on, even if you're clueless about it"?

The reason I'm not in love with this story is that there's a lot left hanging. Like Jayné's powers... The way Eric's A-Team shows up... How quickly they get from Eric's death to planning retribution on his murderer... I mean, seriously, Jayné simply trusts them when they say the bad guy's bad. I was just waiting for the tables to be turned... Also, how quickly Jayné forms an attachment to the team. Like she's some pathetic thing who'll love anyone as long as they keep her around. That so doesn't jive with the vengeful kickass heroine image, does it? Last thing--this is apparently the first in the Black Sun's Daughter series. But there's no mention anywhere about anything remotely close to what that means... Frustrating!

I'm giving the series another chance with book #2, because the world is pretty neat--riders are the reason there are non-humans like vampires, weres, etc. around. And I want to find out how Jayné deals with the aftermath of the big showdown.

drey's rating: 2.5/5 Better than just Ok

Challenges: 100+


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