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33. Review: Staying at Daisy's by Jill Mansell...

March 3, 2011
I have Jill Mansell firmly entrenched on my list of authors I have to read, and couldn't wait to crack open the pages of Staying at Daisy's!

staying at daisy's
Title: Staying at Daisy's
Author: Jill Mansell
ISBN-13: 9781402243844
ARC: 501 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc., 2011 (reprint)
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Sourcebooks

drey's thoughts:
I love Jill Mansell's characters--they are absolutely lovable. And Daisy is no exception. Single by decision since she found about that her husband was cheating on her when he died in a car accident, she has a difficult time flipping between wanting to hang with Dev Tyzack and staying as far away as she can get. After all, he's famous (former rugby star) and totally hot. Can't be good, right? So when her old college flame shows up, she falls into a relationship with him instead, because he's not quite as dangerous to her heart...

In addition to this lovely triangle, there's Daisy's father, who's a flamboyant widower, her BFF Tara, who's the good-time girl, Tara's mom, and a surprising pair who turn Daisy's life upside-down. Or, more upside-down. And as we go with Daisy on her journey to self-discovery, she comes to accept that the past is past, and she can decide how to move forward--and whether her heart moves with her or not.

Jill's writing creates characters you care about, and her humor shines through in the characters' quirkiness and personalities. Entertaining through and through.

drey's rating: 4/5 Excellent! Jill should be at the top of any chick-lit fans' list!

Have you read Staying at Daisy's? What did you think?


bermudaonion said...

Jill definitely knows how to write chick lit - her characters are the best!

holdenj said...

So lucky, Drey! I'll be waiting for this one! Still trying to pace myself of her current novels.

Kaye said...

Staying at Daisy's was a hoot! I love Mansell's books, her characters are always so much fun.
I put a couple of contests in your Mr. Linky widget. Thanks!

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