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August's FEATURED AUTHOR: Ann and books...

August 17, 2011
It's Wednesday, and with that our Featured Author Ann Wertz Garvin is sharing some of her favorite authors...

Readers Know How to Party

If I had anything that resembles a memory I might be able to list my favorite books. I think that’s probably why I’ve become a writer in this late stage of the game. My memory is toast and if I don’t write life down in some kind of organized fashion my thoughts will go to the place where all my eyeglasses and earrings are.

Having said that, I’m the Labrador retriever of readers--loyal to authors until the end of time. If you write a book I love, I will read every last verb you publish. If, while I was reading I could call the author and have them over for a thank you facial, I would. I would be a friendly stalker--happy to sit at their feet and watch them craft a sentence with my only interruption being to offer a cup of coffee or a Jolly Rancher.

I don’t have a bucket list but if life was winding down and I won the lottery I would throw a party and invite authors living and dead to eat hummus and drink mojitos.

I’d choose authors for sparkling character if not party dynamics. Tennessee Williams, Erma Bombeck, and Oscar Wilde for their posthumous wit and edgy drama.

Nora Ephron, Elizabeth Berg, and Elizabeth Strout for their love, humor and unflinching honesty.

JK Rowling would have to be wrangled from buying up all property in the northern hemisphere, but I’d get her there. I’d promise to supply her a cocktail napkin so she can plot out her next dynasty.

If Anna Quindlen was available I’d eavesdrop on her conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert and I’d really appreciate it if Thomas Cook could stop to chat with Gregory Maguire and Michael Perry.

It wouldn’t be a quiet party. Not one for the conflict avoidant, that’s for certain. I’d have to be ready to break up debates, smooth ruffled feathers and mediate during the inevitable debate over the difference between literary vs. commercial fiction. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if a Kindle or Nook dropped out of someone’s purse. But, wine would get drunk, conversation would sparkle and this Labrador would wag her tail all the way to her grave.

Those are some fabulous authors on your list, Ann! Can I come be a fly on the wall? I promise not to drink all the mojitos...

What about you guys? Who would be on your invite list for a party like this?


bermudaonion said...

Boy, would I love to go to that party!

holdenj said...

Those are some great choices! I appreciate Bombeck now, I have a couple on a shelf that were my mom's. It brings a smile to my face that we may have chuckled at the same things. Of course, JK would have to be represented, but wouldn't it be fun to meet other childhood authors of mine, like Koingsburg, Wilder, Lovelace etc!

Ann said...

Koingsburg, Wilder, Lovelace. You are so right. After I wrote that I considered so many more!
I will never understand a culture that doesn't love books like friends.

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