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Review: 106. Another Kind of Dead by Kelly Meding...

August 15, 2011
I inhaled Another Kind of Dead... Seriously.

another kind of dead
Title: Another Kind of Dead (Dreg City #3)
Author: Kelly Meding
ISBN-13: 9780345525772
eBook: 289 pages
Publisher: Random House, 2011
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
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drey's thoughts:  
I don't know how Evy does it. Seems like she's destined to be dead (and stay that way), with as many times as she gets killed. And now, she has yet another big scary baddie to hunt down. If I were Evy, I'd curl up in a ball and hide under the bed. Forever.

Too bad for her, she's strong. Too bad for her, she cares. And way too bad for her, her enemies know her weak spots, and exactly which buttons to push to get her to do what they want...

If you have a delicate constitution or a fragile stomach, you won't want to read this. What Evy goes through, I wouldn't wish on my absolute worst enemies. All I know is, I wouldn't want to piss Kelly Meding off. Seriously.

The story is packed with plot and action, and there's even some character development. I wish Wyatt was a bit less wishy-washy, even as I appreciated his sensitivity to Evy's issues. And boy does she have issues. But who wouldn't? I also liked getting to know some of the other characters better. I like Gina, and Phin. I wish someone would break Bastian's nose. Oh wait, did they?

The ending is frenetic and at some parts downright terrifying--and grossly so. Here's another warning if you pick this up: You won't be able to put it down until you flip the last page, and then you're stuck with me waiting to see what happens next. And hoping Evy gets a much much nicer treatment in that installment (Wrong Side of the Dead, coming in January!!)...  But I'm not holding my breath.

drey's rating: Excellent!!!

Have you read Another Kind of Dead? What did you think?


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