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drey's birthday giveaway: week 4...

June 22, 2010
Another week over, another week older! Last week's winner is...

Comment #8, Colleen Turner!! Congratulations!!!

Thanks for letting me know what other genres you'd like to see here... I'll have to mix it up with the next giveaway--especially if you don't mind "old" ARCs, I have boxes of those laying around! *grin*

Ok, here's the list of books still up for grabs (I'll cross off Colleen's picks when I get them):
Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer #1) by Karen Chance
Claimed by Shadow (Cassandra Palmer #2) by Karen Chance
Embrace the Night (Cassandra Palmer #3) by Karen Chance
Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega #1) by Patricia Briggs
Sebastian (Ephemera #1) by Anne Bishop
Jane Slayre by Charlotte Bronte and Sherri Browning Erwin

FTC Disclosure: I am an IndieBound and Amazon affiliate, and any purchases made by clicking on the cover or the links provided may result in monetary compensation.  

Giveaway is open to US residents only. To enter, comment and tell me something silly about yourself. I'll start. I'm kinda klutzy. When I was growing up, I would walk into things. Of course, it didn't help that I usually had my nose stuck in a book, and if it was a good part, I didn't want to take my eyes off the page to check on my path and direction. Hence, walking into things. *sigh* Do it before 6:00pm CST June 28th!


Serena said...

Silly thing about me is that I feel naked without long finger nails. Maybe that's not really silly so much as odd.

savvyverseandwit at gmail

congrats colleen!

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Happy Birthday Month! :D A silly thing about me is that I don't feel like "Me" if my hair isn't dyed some odd wacky color. Right now it is blonde with a red streak in it and it just isn't wild enough for me. Time to break out the purple!

mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

Bethany C. said...

I never learned how to ride a bike. Yes, I am the only adult on the planet without this skill.

Erika Powell said...

Something about me... I can't wear my hair up. I look silly and find it really uncomfortable. People who have known me for years have never seen me with a ponytail.


holdenj said...

Congrats to Colleen!

I used to fall going up the stairs in our house, much to my brother's amusement. I still maintain it was a loose piece of carpet, not any sort of clumsy behavior on my part.


Anonymous said...

I get attached to my books far too much. lol I treat them like they are my babies. I dont know if that's something silly. :]


lingeorge said...

I keep my books alphabetically by author. I also have series, where I am waiting for a new book to read the series as a whole -- or I am missing one of the earlier books, and must get it to fill the series so that I can read it.

linda (at) gordonvalley (dot) com

Mishel (P.S. I Love Books) said...

Well at least you had an excuse for being klutzy i.e. reading...I tend to trip over a. my feet or b. just air lol

Something silly about me: I can't go out somewhere without eyeliner on. It makes me feel weird although most of the people that will see me have most likely never seen me before or could care less if I have make up on. It's completely ridiculous lol

mishtakes AT gmail DOT com

heatwave16 said...

I have to name all of my puppies a bear names Brownie. :) Yes, he's brown. I didn't say they were creative names.


debbie said...

I sm really klutzy,also. When I was younger, I used to fall going up the stairs.

Michelle said...

Something silly about me is that I refuse to turn down the corners of a book *shudders* and often get mad at family members for doing so. so of course I use anything at hand as bookmarks: scrap paper, napkins, once i even used my debit card and i thought I had lost it for a few days. oops

mmillet at gmail dot com

throuthehaze said...

Something silly about me is that I'm not scared of height but for some reason I am terrified of climbing ladders (even the really short 3 step ones)
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

mrsshukra said...

I cover all books I read, including library books!


Unknown said...

I love nail polish and sometimes I cannot figure out which color to use so what I do is I paint all my nails in different colors. The colors all go together (like maybe purples with blues for example) though so it looks less silly hehe ;) It's REAL fun!


Anita Yancey said...

Something silly about me is I'm afraid of mice but not of snakes.


Aik said...

Something silly about me is that I'm very clumsy and always bump into things and end up with a broken toenail or wounded toe.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

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