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October's FEATURED AUTHOR: Stephanie interviews Kyra...

October 27, 2010
I cannot believe how fast time flies when you're having fun--hopefully Stephanie had fun while visiting us this month! Today, Stephanie shares a lil' Q&A with Kyra, the heroine from her new book, Poisoned Kisses! C'mon and see... *grin*

Hey everybody! I’ve really enjoyed my month as the featured author here to celebrate my debut novel, POISONED KISSES. I still find it a little amazing that it's really happening and that my first book has hit the shelves! Before I say goodbye, I want to say a few more words.

Since I've been working so hard on my writing lately I've become a very boring person, so I thought maybe we’d like to hear from my characters. Allow me to introduce Kyra, a knife-wielding nymph of the underworld. She's agreed to answer a few questions for us today, which I can only think means that we've caught her in a very good mood.

Q. When you were a little girl your father gave you ambrosia to make you immortal. Why aren't you a little more grateful to him?

Look, it's hard to be a daddy's girl when your father is Ares, Greek god of war. He's not really the affectionate type. Besides, immortality isn't all its cracked up to be. At first, mortals worship you, but then your friends die. You make new friends and they die too. And before you know it, the mortals forget you and chase after the latest religious fad. I bet half the people reading this don't even know what a nymph of the underworld is...but I bet they all believe in angels!

Q. What do you have against angels?

If I needed someone to guide me from this life into the next--I'd want a warrior. Someone who would fight for my shade with a torch in one hand and a knife in the other. I wouldn't trust the salvation of my eternal soul to some cherubic coquette with feathery wings.

Q. Were you looking for love when you went searching for Marco Kaisaris?

I was looking to kill him, actually, but he almost killed me instead.

Q. I thought you were immortal.

Yes, well, so did I! As it turns out, his poisonous blood is the only thing that can kill me.

Q. So why did you go after Marco in the first place?

I didn't know he was dangerous. At least, not dangerous to me. I just thought he was another monster that Daddy wanted to add to his menagerie. But when I was a young nymph, Hekate prophesied that I'd conquer a hydra. I thought it was my fate. My destiny. Maybe it still is.

Q. Why did you impersonate Marco's first love?

Well, I knew he wasn't going to trust me. I had to impersonate somebody in order to get close to him. His ex-girlfriend seemed like the best choice, but wow, what a mistake that turned out to be. I can make mortals see whatever I want them to see when they look at me, but even wearing another woman's face, I can't really pull off prim and proper. Basic black and pearls just aren't my style.

Q. Did he see through your disguise?

Only after we'd slept together. I think he knew the truth, deep down, but that didn't stop him from being furious about being tricked. And it didn't stop him from taking revenge, either.

Q. You and Marco have both done some pretty terrible things. Do you think you'll be able to forgive each other?

Well, let's just hope I still have an eternity to find out.

Stephanie, thank you so very much for spending October with us--I hope you've enjoyed visiting as much as I have! Everyone, there's still a few days left to enter my giveaway for a copy of Poisoned Kisses!


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