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Kylie Brant and (98.) Deadly Sins, a lil' good-bye, and a giveaway!

July 29, 2011
Kylie Brant visits us today to share a lil' something with us. Deadly Sins--the sixth and final book of her Mindhunters series--comes out next week, so she's here posting about goodbyes. Not only that, she has a giveaway for you too!

Sayin’ Goodbye to Characters

Deadly Sins is released on August 2. It’s book six in The Mindhunters series and will likely be the last in the series, although I never say never. And it still hasn’t quite hit me that my current project doesn’t have Adam Raiker whispering insistently in my ear. Doesn’t have one of his compelling employees trying to get me to throw the man a curve ball. I’ve been writing Mindhunter books for three years. That’s longer than I’ve spent on any series I’ve ever created. That’s longer than I stuck with yoga and it was supposed to be life changing. (Perhaps it would have been if classes hadn’t met at 5:30 AM.)

Goodbyes are hard. And forever (?) goodbyes are the hardest. It doesn’t make it easier that the people I’m saying so long to are fictional story people who I created. That should—if anything—make it harder. They were borne solely from my imagination, developed in the corners of my mind. There were days I had more conversations with these people--albeit silent ones-- than I did with members of my family, especially during deadline times. And I know them as well as I do family. If you ask me which of them eats the most pizza, which is likeliest to show a little thigh to get her way or which malecharacter exudes the most charm, and which is the most annoying… I can name them off just like I could with personal friends. And the fun part is that readers probably can, too. That’s what makes this so special. To have created something that I can share with others.

Prior to The Mindhunters the longest series I had ever written was four books. That particular experience taught me just how very short my attention span is. :) I learned after it that three connected books were all I could do before boredom set in. So three books was what I’d planned for this series. I hadn’t counted on the reader mail I received demanding to learn more about Adam Raiker, the head of The Mindhunters. And I certainly hadn’t expected my editor to request the same. I realize now it would have been a waste of one of my most compelling characters had Raiker not gotten his own story. His backstory, his very personality demands it.

Prior to beginning Raiker Forensics (The Mindhunters) Adam Raiker was a legendary profiler for the FBI. His last case for them ended spectacularly when he was captured, tortured and nearly killed by the child killer he was tracking. That case not only ended his career with the bureau, it ended his relationship with FBI agent Jaid Marlowe, the only woman he had ever allowed close.

It’s eight years later and a DC killer is targeting high profile targets for execution. Jaid and Adam are brought together on the same task force tracking the offender. But the deeper they look the more this case seems all wrapped up in the one eight years earlier. And when suspicion falls on Adam, Jaid has to decide whether to play it safe and risk everything for the one man she’s never forgotten…or stopped loving.

deadly sins
Title: Deadly Sins (Mindhunters #6)
Author: Kylie Brant
ISBN-13: 9780425242704
ARC: 339 pages
Publisher: Penguin, 2011
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
Source: Kylie Brant
An unknown assassin has appointed himself judge, jury, and executioner, brutally taking out high-level human targets citywide. And the list of suspects is a sensitive one: an Iranian diplomat, a U.S. senator, and a vengeful priest. It's just the kind of case to test the resolve of tough FBI agent, Jaid Marlowe. Especially when her new partner is Adam Raiker, Jaid's former colleague and ex-lover. But that's history—and it left scars.

Determined to leave it behind them, Jaid and Adam dive into the most shocking investigation of their careers. But when Adam himself becomes a suspect, Jaid must choose between past and present. Her choice plunges them into a far-reaching, high-level conspiracy of shadows—and on the run not only from secrets and lies, but for their lives. Now, despite their history, they have only each other, and the desperate hope that love can keep them alive.

drey's thoughts:
I can't decide if my favorite romance sub-genre is historical romance, contemporary romance, or romantic suspense.  Right now romantic suspense is winning, because Deadly Sins is so engrossing and its characters captivating.  

The hero and heroine have a history, both professionally and personally. Which means that working together on this case isn't the easiest thing ever, but then again this is Adam Raiker we're talking about.  Indestructible super-profiler with the heart of stone (or so everyone thinks).  While I liked Jaid, Adam carried this book for me...

I thoroughly enjoyed this final installment of Kylie Brant's Mindhunters series.  The plot has twists and turns to rival that famous street in San Francisco, yet every road meets up at the end.  I can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeves for us.

drey's rating: Excellent!

Have you read Deadly Sins? What did you think? And if you haven't, well... Read on!

Kylie has one copy of Deadly Sins for you, and this one has NO geographic limitations!! To enter, fill out the form below before 6pm CST August 18th. Duplicate entries will be deleted--leave a comment so you know you've filled this out. *wink* Good luck!


holdenj said...

As a reader, I know I've been sorry to see various series come to an end, especially ones with great characters.

Janhvi said...

thanks for the giveaway and for making it international!!

GFC-Janhvi Jagtap

justjanhvi at gmail dot com

donnas said...

I love this series. Cant believe its the last one, but still looking forward to reading it.

heytoto said...

I hate to see this series end! Kylie has created characters that really come to life. But, then again, I'm excited to see what she comes up with next!

Jane said...

I'm a fan of this series and look forward to reading "Deadly Sins," but at the same time I don't want this series to end.

Denise Z said...

I have not read this series, thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Martha Lawson said...

Don't want this series to end!! Love it

KylieBrant said...

Well I never say never...and someone recently gave me an idea for another Mindhunters book! But have a few other things to get out of the way first :) Be sure and drop by my site and sign up for my newsletter. I'll be sending subscribers a link to a prequel detailing Adam's last case for the Bureau, when he lost Jaid for good. Or so he thought...!

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