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Review: 88. Black Heart Loa by Adrian Phoenix...

July 12, 2011
I had to pick up Black Heart Loa, especially since it so handily showed up on my NOOK...

black heart loa
Title: Black Heart Loa (Hoodoo #2)
Author: Adrian Phoenix
ISBN-13: 9781439167922
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 2011
Purchase at IndieBound, Amazon, The Book Depository
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drey's thoughts:
After Black Dust Mambo, I knew I had to pick up Black Heart Loa to find out what happens next.  After all, we left with Kallie finding out a lot of things about herself, her aunt, and her family; and she still has to find out if anyone else was involved in the crud that happened.  And Layne--well, he has a dead man's spirit inhabiting his body.  

Then Kallie goes home, only to find her cousin's gone.  As in taken.  And she's got a real bad feeling about his disappearance...  But before she can go looking for him, Kallie and her aunt figure out that the magic is backfiring.  Something is messing everything up--including the wards protecting southern Louisiana from the storm that's turning into a hurricane heading their way.  Even worse--could that something be her?

There are a lot of characters in this installment.  Kallie & Bell feature prominently, as they go haring off into one adventure after another.  Layne and his visitor as well.  And then there's  a few new bad guys, a whole town of loup-garous, and more family secrets to uncover.  The action never stops, and I wondered more than once how Kallie keeps going.  She does get a bit whiny at times, but Bell's there to smack her upside the head and set her straight.  I love their interactions, they make me laugh.

drey's rating:  Excellent! This installment is more convoluted than the initial,but I'll keep reading to find out what's up next for Kallie and gang...


wheels209 said...

Hey drey,
Thanks for doing this review. I could not wait for it. Part of me wants to read this book right I wait...and think I hope the author keeps the magic in the back round and centers on the characters that we both enjoy. I think your review let me know just what I needed to know. Woot, Woot good one my friend.
Take care,

Denise Z said...

Thanks for sharing today. I so want to read this book.

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