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A wishlist for my NOOK...

July 16, 2011
I've had a NOOK for almost 2 years now. My first was the NOOK 1st Edition, which was a Christmas present. Now I also have the NOOK Simple Touch Reader, which was my birthday present. And I love love love them. There is NOTHING like the ability to haul however many books I want with me, especially when I travel, all in this one little package.

That said, there are some things I wish were done better. B&N, I hope you read this wishlist. And to be fair, it's a wishlist of functionality I want to work better on my NOOK, the NOOK app, and the "My NOOK Library" site... ;-)

  1. Shelving my NOOKbooks
    You gave me the ability to "build" shelves on my NOOK, which I love. Now please give me the ability to do the same online, and have it sync to my NOOK and the NOOK app. I don't know about other users, but I get irked at being able to only scroll thru 5 books at a time to add something to a shelf. Sometimes by the time I scroll down multiple pages, I've forgotten which book I wanted to add to a shelf.

    No, I don't want to hear anything about my faulty memory... Besides, I type much faster on the computer, which is something I wish for every time I switch the shelf names around because I've come up with a better (bigger! faster!) way to shelve my books.
  2. Viewing my NOOKbooks
    This one specifically applies to the My NOOK Library site. Why oh why am I only allowed to view 25 titles at a time? Please give me the option to list up to 100, like you do throughout the rest of the site. And while you're at it, add checkboxes, and the ability to archive / unarchive / download multiple books at a time.

    Let me view covers only if I'd like to, like I can on the NOOK and the NOOK app. Sometimes there's nothing more satisfying than looking at a whole lot of covers...
  3. Searching my NOOKbooks
    I want to be able to search for a title in My NOOK Library, like I can on the NOOK and the NOOK app. Basic.
  4. Navigating my NOOK library
    This one's for the NOOK. Please give me a way to get to the top of the list, without having to scroll through each page. This is especially helpful if I switch views and want to start at the top, but now I'm buried on page 27 of 32. Grrr.

I guess what I really want is something that works seamlessly between web, app, and NOOK. Show me covers (tile vs. list) on the NOOK, the app, AND the web. Let me search, shelve, tag, and download multiple books at a time, and wherever I did it, sync it to the others. I know I'm not the only NOOK user out there, is anyone else as frustrated as I am or am I just demanding?


holdenj said...

I am still a newbie compared to you with the Nook! But I think those are great comments. I find the shelving system on the nook itself difficult to do, it just seems very unweildy. I thought if I put a book on a shelf, that it would "clean up" that main page, but they don't seem to go away unless I archive them too.

wheels209 said...

Hey drey,
Great post you should e-mail it to B&N. I am starting to get to the point where a shelf or two may help. Like holdenj says why shelve your books if it does not clean up your main page.(Great point) I changed my view a few weeks back and now my nook wants me to shelve every book that I have. Now with my older books the covers don't show up that makes me mad. I guess I will have to do some research on how to organize my nook. If I need a little help or advise can I e-mail you???
All I really want to do is find a book and read it. Tech stuff for the nook gets in the way of reading enjoyment.
Take care my friend have a great day!!

drey said...

Julia - if you sort your library view by shelves (instead of "all), it will list your shelves (2 at a time, if I recall correctly). You pick "see all" on a shelf to look at the books on that shelf...

drey said...

Steve, you can email me anytime! :) And yes, sometimes technology totally gets in the way. Hence, my post... ;)

wheels209 said...

Hey drey,
Thanks for inspiring me to shelve my books on my nook. The shelving part was pretty easy because I don't have that many books...yet. lol!!! The hard was part was playing with the view so I can see my shelves when I access my library. I don't even remember how I did it. Oo lol!!! But I can live with the result. I can see that having more books would be a real pain in the pages.(Big Grin lol!!!) See ya later my friend. Have a great week.

wheels209 said...

Hey drey,
I am curious do you still use your first gen nook now that you have the simple touch? I have been doing some research on the simple touch(please slap my hand) and really like what I see. I really enjoy the nook that I have but some of the new features of the simple touch would be so cool to have at my finger tips. However, I don't feel like I have gotten my money out of my nook yet. It has been a great purchase for me.

Have you downloaded Jim Butcher's Ghost Story yet? You know that I have Woot Woot!! Even though I am burning up the pages of Changes at this time. What an Intense Ride!!!

Take care my good friend. Have a wonderful week.

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