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110. A Drop of Red by Chris Marie Green...

July 12, 2009
About the book:
Hollywood stuntwoman turned vampire hunter Dawn Madison is tired to the bone and beyond. With her comrades in arms, she managed to wipe out the Los Angeles vampire Underground. And in doing so, she uncovered not only her own dark family heritage but also a terrible truth about the man she loves. Now she's determined to find hte next vampire lair, thinking it will help her to make sense out of what her life has become.

Luckily, when it comes to the undead, there's always work to do.

When a new Underground is found in England, Dawn and a crack vampire-hunting team are dispatched to carry the fight from the flash and dash of Los Angeles to the seemingly staid and stolid streets of London. Dawn knows by now how deceiving appearances can be--and she is about to find out that it's not only the beautiful people of Hollywood who are willing to bargain with evil...

drey's thoughts:
A Drop of Red is my introduction to Chris Marie Green's Vampire Babylon series. The other books in the series are Night Rising, Midnight Reign, and Break of Dawn. Not having read the other books, I was hesitant to pick this one up. But, Theresa from Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' News & Reviews had sent this to me to review--and I somehow ended in a vampire mood--so I picked it up.

The first thing I'll mention is that you don't really need to read the first 3 books prior to this. Sure, it would have been nice, but Chris Marie Green does a good job explaining some of the characters' history together (& by "some" I mean Dawn & Costin). She doesn't take up half the book doing it, either, so even if I'm not getting some of the cracks flying around, that's ok. On with the story!

Apparently there are vamps in London. Who'd've thunk? And, not only are they in London, they've got a super-secret hidey-hole. From whence they lure unsuspecting dinner. And if you think that's all there is, you're wrong. Oh, so wrong. They're recruiting. From a posh girl's boarding school. Where all the rich-but-don't-have-time-for-you parents put their daughters to get an education while they're off doing whatever it is that makes them money (or spend it). And the vamps are wily, selectively choosing their crop from this plethora of rich, spoiled, girls.

The current crop is five--Violet, Della, Blanche, Polly, and Noreen. They can mind-talk, and their appetites are only growing stronger. And like all teenage girls who roam together, these five girls think they rule the roost. Especially them. And so they push the boundaries, never thinking of the consequences. Until Blanche "goes home". And Della starts wondering.

A Drop of Red is tightly-written, alternating between the girls and their mentor, and Dawn and her team. I can't pinpoint why, exactly, but I got more into the girls' story than Dawn's, for some reason. And this one doesn't wrap everything up nicely for you. Hopefully book #5 will reveal more about the London Underground...

Title: A Drop of Red
Author: Chris Marie Green
ISBN-10: 0441016812
ISBN-13: 978-0441016815
Paperback: 324 pages
Publisher: Ace, 2009


kalea_kane said...

Looks good. I think I would probably get into the girls story more too. I think that from how you described them it just works that way. I had not heard of this one. Thanks for sharing!

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