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112. Hollywood is Like High School with Money by Zoey Dean...

July 14, 2009
About the book:
Twenty-four-year-old Taylor Henning has just landed her dream job as an assistant at a major movie studio. Immediately, her catty coworkers undermine her, and she realizes the saying "Hollywood is like high school with money" is absolutely true. But Taylor wasn't exactly a social butterfly in high school. How is she supposed to do any better now?

Then she meets her boss' daughter, Quinn, and has an epiphany: Maybe this queen-bee teenager can teach her the tactics she needs to succeed in the movie business. The shrewd Quinn takes Taylor under her wing and soon she's racking up victories against rival assistant Kylie. But when Taylor is directed to steal Kylie's boyfriend, something happens that's not in the script: She falls for him. Can Taylor harness her inner mean girl while staying true to herself?

drey's thoughts:
Hollywood is Like High School with Money is chick-lit ala The Devil Wears Prada... Similarities: Girl starts new job as assistant to someone important. Girl has rival in form of first assistant, otherwise known as girl-who-won't-do-any-part-of-her-job-that's-not-cool-'cuz-new-girl-can-do-it. Girl eventually wins boss over, only to lose because she did something to get there and it now comes back to bite her in the behind.

Pretty formulaic, yes. But still highly entertaining. Taylor Henning is bright and funny, and the story flows along smoothly and quickly. This is a perfect fluffy read for that day on the beach, or while drinking lemonade in the backyard hammock.

Title: Hollywood is Like High School with Money
Author: Zoey Dean
ISBN-10: 0446697192
ISBN-13: 9780446697194
Paperback: 278 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing, 2009


bermudaonion said...

I loved The Devil Wears Prada! I may have to get this one to read this summer.

Vanessa said...

Nice review! I enjoyed this as well. I will link to your review from mine, if that's ok.

drey said...

That's fine with me, NotNessie... =)

kalea_kane said...

Well, I haven't read The Devil Wears I am way behind. Soooooo if I were to pick one to read which do you think I should choose?

ANovelMenagerie said...

Kel.... wow... so behind! I'd recommend Prada before Hollywood.

Drey... I posted my review of this on Saturday. I think I felt similarly about it.


LuAnn said...

I read Zoey's book "The A-List" and enjoyed it. I'll have to read this one, too!

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