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114. Tamed by a Laird by Amanda Scott...

July 16, 2009
About the book:
Jenny Easdale is ready to accept her fate. She's agreed to marry a man she will never love--yet not before slipping away for one last adventure. Following a traveling minstrel troupe, she's whisked into a world of intoxicating freedom. Then, all too soon, she finds herself in danger--from a vengeful political plot and from the man who has come to take her home.

Dutybound to return with his brother's wayward bride, Sir Hugh Douglas is not prepared for how her quick wit, courage, and laughing eyes touch his warrior heart. Now, as the merry minstrels play matchmaker and passion sparks between Hugh and Jenny, the conspiracy against Scotland builds... and threatens all they hold dear.

drey's thoughts:
First thing I want to mention is how much I enjoyed the story--it flowed, was funny, and Jenny is a very likable heroine. Next thing I want to mention is that the cover blurb is just a tad overblown. There, I've said it.

Seventeen-year-old Jenny Easdale is a Baroness in her own right, since her father passed away. She goes to live with relatives, and her uncle promptly arranges her marriage to her aunt's younger brother. Whom she just about loathes, if I may say so (and with good reason). With three weeks to go before the wedding she's not looking forward to, Jenny decides she's going to run away with a minstrel troupe and see "life" before she's shackled to the lug. (No, I don't like him. Can you tell?)

Tamed by a Laird is very Scottish, and it took me a while (ok, a few chapters) to get a hang of "dey", "doots", "aught", "nowt"... And those are the easy words! *grin* As I've mentioned, I enjoyed the story. Get this if you like your romance set in a period in Scotland's history where minstrel troupes still wander from town to town and perform.

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Title: Tamed by a Laird
Author: Amanda Scott
ISBN-10: 0446541370
ISBN-13: 978-0446541374
Paperback: 388 pages
Publisher: Forever, 2009


Anonymous said...

Um....does that totally look like Orlando Bloom on the front cover? I'm hooked....

drey said...

Ugh, Aerin, I didn't even notice... But yeah, kinda. Like, an older, slightly broader, darker-haired Orlando...? =P

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