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220. Untamed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast...

December 4, 2009
untamedAbout the book:
Life sucks when your friends are pissed at you. Just ask Zoey Redbird-she's become an expert on suckiness. In one week she has gone from having three boyfriends to having none, and from having a close group of friends who trusted and supported her to being an outcast. Speaking of friends, of the two Zoey has left, one is undead and one is unMarked. And Neferet has declared war on humans, which Zoey knows in her heart is wrong. But will anyone listen to her? Zoey's adventures at vampyre finishing school take a wild and dangerous turn as loyalties are tested, shocking true intentions come to light, and an ancient evil is awakened.

drey's thoughts:
Zoey, Zoey, Zoey. Who cares why you kept secrets from your friends, when they thought you'd trusted them? Apparently not enough. Even if it makes perfect sense to you...

So now Zoey's alienated from her closest friends at the House of Night. And there's nothing she can do about it. And when it rains it pours, doesn't it? Because her BFF is back, and hopefully healed, and her frenemy has lost her Mark and her affinity for earth, but not her visions. Which now warn of the return of an ancient enemy... An enemy that Zoey's grandmother recognizes.

And so she has to overcome the mistrust of her closest friends, and rely even more on Aphrodite. And welcome assistance from unexpected new friends.

Untamed continues Zoey's saga as she tries to protect those she loves from harm. She grows up quite a bit here, which I'm happy about (surprised? I didn't think so...), and finds out that even those who are most unlike you, could be an ally against a common enemy.

Title: Untamed
Author: P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
ISBN-10: 0312379838
ISBN-13: 9780312379834
Paperback: 338 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Press, 2008

Challenges: 100+, Series, Support Your Local Library, Vampire

Disclosure: My copy of Untamed was on loan from my local library...


Ladytink_534 said...

This is where I started liking Aphrodite. She's a great character!

drey said...

She sure is, ladytink! Sometimes I think I like her better than Zoey...

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