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234. The Struggle by L.J Smith...

December 28, 2009
About the book:
Torn between two vampire brothers

Damon: Determined to make Elena his, he'd kill his own brother to possess her.

Stefan: Desperate for the power to destroy Damon and protect Elena, he gives in to his thirst for human blood.

Elena: The girl who can have anyone finds herself in the middle of a love triangle... one that might turn deadly

drey's thoughts:
Oh, Elena. Damon wants you. Stefan wants you. Caroline hates you. How do you deal with all that attention?? Or, not?

In this sequel to The Awakening, people are suspicious of Stefan, and his possible involvement in the killings--no thanks to certain people who don't care for him or Elena. Elena, of course, tries to find him, and prove his innocence, in the face of censure from her friends, classmates, and family. For no other reason that he couldn't have, because Damon must've done it. Okay......

I have to admit, I'm not loving the series. I might pick up the next few book, but I just as easily might not. This is a so-so series for me. I don't care much for Elena, who's very all-about-me, or Stefan, who's sooooo blinded by her (hmm, remind you of another series, perhaps?), or Damon, who's so bad that there's nothing redeemable in him... So, if I don't care for the 3 main characters, or the love triangle, then what's in this for me?

Title: The Struggle
Author: L.J. Smith
ISBN-10: 0061963879
ISBN-13: 9780061963872
Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins, 2009 (media tie-in)
Purchase at Indiebound, Amazon.

Challenges: 100+, Series, Support Your Local Library, Vampire

Disclosure: My copy of The Struggle flitted through my house like a moth heading towards light... Yes, it's back at my local library.


wheels209 said...

Hi Drey welcome back I hope you had a great Christmas Holiday. Happy New Year as well my friend. I am reading Jim Butcher's Codex series book 4. I have the next two books so I am a happy guy. I also ordered Carrie Vaughn's Kitty House of Horror's It should be in my hand the day before my birthday. Woot, Woot!!! Well my friend I must go now and get some sleep. Take Care,

Jaedyn said...

I didn't love this series either. Smith's other vampire series is better, though. Did you read that? This one is as dramatic as the television series. The TV series is sooo boring, lol. It's like a vampire soap opera.

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