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32. Kitty Raises Hell by Carrie Vaughn...

February 1, 2009
Title: Kitty Raises Hell
Author: Carrie Vaughn
ISBN-10: 0-446-19954-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-446-19954-4
Paperback: 282 pages (ARC)
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing, 2009

Fresh from her adventure in Las Vegas in Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand, Kitty finds that something followed her back to Denver. And it's not playing nice. At all.

Finding out what is hunting Kitty and her pack before anyone (else) gets hurt, makes this a suspenseful addition to the Kitty chronicles. Helping her out are Ben, a team of paranormal investigators, Odysseus Grant (the magician from Las Vegas), and Rick - the master vampire in Denver. Offering help is another vampire, who wants free passage in Denver in exchange. She's running out of time, trying to figure out who to trust, how to keep her pack safe, identify what's causing the chaos, and how to eliminate the threat to her, her pack, and her city.

And to complicate things just a little - because this is Kitty after all - her friend TJ's brother shows up, trying to find TJ. And Kitty cannot tell Peter what happened to TJ, other than he's gone.

Kitty Raises Hell is well worth adding to your wish list, if you haven't already. Or, try your luck at winning one of the two full sets I'm giving away, starting on Monday, February 2nd.


Unknown said...

OMG, that's a great giveaway. I would love to get one, I'll keep my fingers crossed.
I haven't read any, but i have read many good things about the series (one place is the Witches, Werewolves and Vampires group on Shelfari). Anyway as far as any other books I've read similar it would have to be Jim Butchwer and his Dresden Files. i love this one.

drey said...

Lilly! Come back & enter on the right post, please! =)

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