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40. Jack with a Twist by Brenda Janowitz...

February 24, 2009
After Scot on the Rocks, Brooke's life is back on track. Gorgeous fiance? Check! Great new job? Check! Fabulous designer making her a custom wedding dress? Check! So, what could go wrong? You know something goes wrong, or there wouldn't be a story, right?

How about we start with the family clashes between the parental units? Over the menu, the location, the cake... What about her best friend Vanessa's divorce, taking place right now? And her mom's not-so-subtle hints that Brooke's size 10 isn't quite svelte enough for that designer dress that she'll be wearing...

On top of that, she lands the case of her career. Only to face off in court against none other than the man she's about to marry. Jack with a Twist is an escalation of events when neither will back off the case. And Brooke ~ sleep-deprived, wedding dress-less, suspicious-of-Jack's-new-associate, pile-of-wedding-plans-to-take-care-of, asleep-on-her-feet Brooke ~ finally decides that this Jack is not the Jack she thought he was.

Brenda Janowitz is as entertaining with Jack with a Twist as she was with Scot on the Rocks. Grab it for a quick, fun, read. Don't forget the chocolate!

Oh, and come back on Monday (March 2nd) for a giveaway of Jack with a Twist!!

Title: Jack with a Twist
Author: Brenda Janowitz
ISBN-10: 0-373-89555-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-89555-7
Publisher: Red Dress Ink, 2008


Unknown said...

Never read any of her books. But your review sounds encouraging enough to make me want to consider going to the library and picking it up.
And by the way, the Ban On Spending challenge is killing me, LOL! But I'm staying strong, only 10 months more to go :-)

Darlene said...

I really want to read both of her books. I'll have to come back and enter your giveaway so I can have my own copy. lol.

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