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35. Extras by Scott Westerfeld...

February 8, 2009
Extras explores the world after Tally Youngblood's successful overthrow of the super-controlled regimes in Uglies/Pretties/Specials. It's set in a Japanese city, where everything that matters is your reputation, built on the feeds you kick (record, splice, and send) to the world. Why am I not surprised? =P

Aya Fuse is fifteen, with a just-about-invisible reputation rank - around the half-million mark. She takes her hovercam around to try and find something that'll get her rank up. One night she sees some girls hitching a ride on the train (literally, and so what if it's going 300 km/h?), and decides that that'll be her next big feed. So she sets out to infiltrate the clique, only to learn that they don't want to be famous.

Willing to do anything for a story, Aya convinces the Sly Girls that she wants nothing more than to hang with them. And during her first train ride, she finds out that the train tunnel under a mountain hides more than the Sly Girls on the train. When they go back to explore, Aya makes sure she's got her cams recording, and splices together the feed that puts her in the top echelon in the city. Now, whomever's using that mountain is after Aya and her friends, all easily identified by her kick.

This follow-up to the Uglies trilogy can be read as a standalone. Tally isn't the main entree, but does make an appearance (dessert?)... I found it a satisfying what-happens-after story.

Title: Extras
Author: Scott Westerfeld
ISBN-10: 1-416-95117-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-416-95117-9
Hardcover: 372 pages
Publisher: Simon Pulse, 2007


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