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191. Waking Nightmare by Kylie Brant...

October 28, 2009
waking nightmareAbout the book:
First he learns your darkest fears. Then he makes you live them.

With a serial rapist on the loose on the streets of Savannah, hot-shot detective Ryne Robel needs all the help he can get for his task force. And he needs it now, before another woman falls victim. But Abbie Phillips isn't what he bargained for. Sent from an exclusive group of the best criminologists in the country, she's smart, fierce…and distracting. She may be a brilliant forensic profiler, but Ryne needs answers, not pyschobabble and head games.

However, Abbie convinces him that head games are exactly what this elusive suspect is all about. The seemingly random acts or torture are actually calculated to match each victim's darkest fears. And the stakes are rising. While they study the devious psychopath, he's watching them—the next objects of his horrifying obsession.

drey's thoughts:
Ok, so apparently I'm into thriller-romances... Or, at least, into thriller-romances that are more thriller than romance. Not that the romance isn't part of the story--it is--but it's so nicely written into the story that Waking Nightmare doesn't read like a romance with a mystery in between the pages... Anyway, I'll stop blabbing now...

Waking Nightmare is Kylie Brant's first Mindhunters novel. There are 3 so far--with the third coming out in November. In this one, the heroine is Abbie Phillips, who has fears of her own that she needs to overcome to find the psychopath terrorizing Savannah. And working with Ryne is complicating enough--without having to put up with his attitude.

If you like romance-thrillers with strong-yet-flawed heroines, reluctant heroes, and a satisfying mystery, then you'll want to pick up Kylie Brant's new series. I inhaled all 3--lucky me! =)

Title: Waking Nightmare
Author: Kylie Brant
ISBN-10: 0425230236
ISBN-13: 9780425230237
Paperback: 343 pages
Publisher: Penguin Group, 2009

Challenges: 100+, Pub

Disclosure: My copy of Waking Nightmare was provided by the author for this review.


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