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October 27, 2009
Winners, winners, everywhere! I know I'm late on some of these, and I apologize. But, better late than never! Anyway, there's a bunch to announce, so here goes...

permission slipsThe three winners of Sherri Shepherd's Permission Slips are:

Comment #13, etirv!!

Comment #9, Pam!!
Actually, Pam's gotten lucky somewhere else, so the winner of this copy is Stacie from Simply Stacie!!

Comment #35, renee!!

Next, the winner of the Booklover's gift pack from Reading Comfort:

Comment #39, Pam P!!
Pam chose the Floral Sienna paperweight and the Solid Peach - with button bookmark...

floral sienna paperweightsolid peach bookmark

By the way, I had a very nice package from them when I got home on Sunday, and I cannot wait to give my "presents" a whirl! Watch for reviews coming soon...

cirque du freakAnother set of winners, this time for the Cirque du Freak promotion from Big Honcho Media. Winners will receive the Cirque du Freak book Set (all 3 titles) and a Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant Locker Mirror. For the record, 23 people voted for their favorite slogan, with 18 choosing "There's a little freak in all of us"...

Comment #5, lilly of Reading Extravaganza!! (I have awesome vampire powers)

Comment #61, gaby317 of Starting Fresh!! (There's a little freak in all of us)

hex in high heelsNext up: Linda Wisdom's Hex in High Heels!

Comment #72, CherylS22!!

Comment #43, I Heart Book Gossip!!

The winner was "witches", with 17 votes, ahead of "werewolves" by 5.

Congratulations, everyone!! Boy, Randomizer was working hard... =) Emails have been sent, please reply before the end of day Friday. And THANK YOU for swinging by...

Want the book? Click on the cover(s) to purchase from Amazon.


Liz said...

I like that you're kind of all over the place, in terms of genrese! Found a few on your site that I'm going to put on hold at the library! (I do love visting book blogs -- so many good books out there that I'll never get the chance to read...) Do you like Jonathan Kellerman? No romance, really, but good mysteries. I'm reading the latest in the Alex Delaware series (name? Hmmm, can't remember. They're all alike! And it's upstairs, where I am not.) It's pretty good. I don't think I cared for the last one, but this one I'm enjoying a lot. I have two memoirs in the wings, and for my spiritual side (which I don't necessary cater to, too often), I'm reading a fun, thoughtful book about a mom's journey of enlightenment, "Mystic in a Minivan." It makes the point (in witty, fun writing) that you can take the journey of your lifetime without leaving home. The perfect life may not be. And what then? Some great lessons to learn from and live by.

Unknown said...

Lol! With the slogans for The Vampire Assistant as usual I am in the minority :) What's new?

bermudaonion said...

Tons of winners today! Congratulations to all of them!

Gaby317 said...

Thanks so much, Drey!!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Pam P said...

Congrats everyone! Very happy to get the Booklover's pack, pretty and a great gift item for readers.

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