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Tour: Japan Took the J.A.P. Out of Me by Lisa Fineberg Cook...

October 27, 2009
Ok, this should be the last casualty of my unexpected absense. I promise to have all reviews posted ASAP.

japan took the j.a.p out of meAbout the book:
Six days after an InStyle-worthy wedding in Los Angeles, Lisa Fineberg Cook left behind her little red Jetta, her manicurist of ten years, and her very best friend for the land of the rising sun.

When her husband accepted a job teaching English in Nagoya, Japan, she imagined exotic weekend getaways, fine sushi dinners, and sake sojourns with glamorous expatriate friends. Instead, she's the only Jewish girl on public transportation, and everyone is staring. Lisa longs for regular mani/pedis, valet parking, and gimlets with her girlfriends, but for the next year, she learns to cook, clean, commute, and shop like the Japanese, all the while adjusting to another foreign concept -- marriage. Loneliness and frustration give way to new and unexpected friendships, the evolution of old ones, and a fresh understanding of what it means to feel different -- until finally a world she never thought she'd fit into begins to feel home-like, if not exactly like home.

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Kat Bryan said...

The title of this book had me puzzled for quite a while but I finally figured out that J.A.P. stands for Jewish American Princess. Now it makes sense. :-)

drey said...

lol, it confused me too, initially. Then I read the blurb, and went "aha!". I've read the book now, it's pretty entertaining. I'll have a review up soon (unless this cold kicks my a$$ to kingdom come).

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