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50. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer...

March 12, 2009
It's been forever since I read Twilight. But, on my answering machine the other day, the disembodied voice informed me that my books on hold were available for pickup. So off I go, & here it is.

In New Moon, Bella's birthday triggers events beyond her control, and Edward and his family, leaves. And Bella. Well, Bella is absolutely lost without him. She spends months just barely going through the motions of existing, worrying her father, and alienating her friends.

When she finally emerges from her fog, it is to waken the voice in her head. His voice. So Bella takes to dangerous pursuits, hoping the adrenaline rush will keep that voice here. In doing so, she reconnects with Jacob Black, and a friendship blooms. Danger still looms, though. A vampire shows up on the Cullens' land, hunting for Bella. Jacob changes, and he's not sure if it's for the better. Alice appears at Charlie's, confused by her vision. And Edward goes to Italy, led by a distorted truth.

New Moon was as quick a read as Twilight. The world is not very complicated, and the characters haven't changed, much. The story gets predictable at times. And Bella is STILL a teenager. One who's intent on getting what she wants. And another year doesn't quiet the voice in my head that's saying, "Wait, Bella. Live life a little." But, all said, it was still entertaining enough to finish, and Eclipse picked up.

Title: New Moon
Author: Stephenie Meyer
ISBN-10: 0-316-02496-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-316-02496-9
Paperback: 563 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown, and Company, 2008


Unknown said...

I read 'Twilight' and it was okay. Bella's going after Edward like a good little doggy irked me a lot but I read it anyway. It was good enough to make me pick up 'New moon' but I couldn't finish it, I tried, I really did. i guess it's just not for me.

drey said...

Oh, lilly, that description is so ironic! =P I also finished Eclipse last night, will get around to the review tonight.

The whole life-only-revolves-around-Edward thing disappoints me. Like I mentioned in my review for Twilight, there's so much more for Bella. Hate to sound like Edward! Makes me wonder, though. If she does wait a few years, would she still want what she's asking him for?

Nicole said...

Good review. I agree the Bella-Edward relationship is definitely obsessive, almost to the point of neurotic. I've read all four books and they are all good, quick reads, but the obsessiveness does bother me. Like you said, what about Bella?

Rebecca Anne said...

Although I felt smitten with the Twilight series, the 'Edward is so beautiful' did get to me after awhile as well.
Perhaps it's because we're all over 17? (smile)

drey said...

lol, Rebecca Anne... Life does change, doesn't it? =)

Unknown said...

Hi Drey

Seeing how I've read all of the Twilight series, the best of the bunch are Twilight and Breaking Dawn, the other two aren't bad, just that they seem to lag a bit. Really enjoyed the series though!


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