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51. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer...

March 14, 2009
The Cullens' are ba-ack! Which means, of course, Edward is back. And not so happy about Bella's friendship with Jacob. Of course, Jacob's not happy, either. Lots of not-happy teenagers abound.

Bella, though, is ecstatic that Edward and the Cullens are back in Forks. Never mind that the Volturi will most likely swing by to assess the family. Never mind that Victoria's still out there. They're back!!

The relationship between the vamps and the wolves get a little tense. Serial killings in nearby Seattle doesn't settle anyone's nerves. But they manage to cooperate enough to figure out who's behind the killings, and protect Bella when it becomes apparent that Victoria is still in town, seeking vengeance.

I have to admit, I'm getting kinda tired of Bella's nagging at Edward. In my opinion, the dude has a point (ha ha, he's got more than one)! Go to college, experience it for a year or two. Only a teenager would have a problem with being in their twenties. Heaven forbid thirties, forties, or fifties! Sheesh. Then again, she is a teenager. So I suppose I should just deal, eh?

Complaining aside, Bella does grow up a little here. She reaches out to Jacob, because she knows he's hurting inside. She considers Renee's and Charlie's feelings, and decides that while she still wants to do what she wants, she'll do it right. Eclipse is another quick read, if just a little too teenage-angsty for me. Now if only Breaking Dawn was ready to pick up, I can finish up this series.

Video of Stephenie Meyer talking about Eclipse, on Amazon.

Title: Eclipse
Author: Stephenie Meyer
ISBN-10: 0-316-16020-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-316-16020-9
Hardcover: 629 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown, and Company, 2007


Mary (Bookfan) said...

I had to continually remind myself to flip the switch of my 17 year old self when reading this series. You know, the version of myself who thought "why yes, I will marry my current boyfriend and live happily ever after - because how could life get any better?!!". I shudder to think of my life if that had actually happened, lol.

Rebecca Anne said...

When I read this series I admit I became alittle impatient. Sort of like "either do it, or stop crying about it!" sorta of impatience.
Then again, in the same breath, it was that impatience to know the outcome that kept me reading, so maybe thats a good thing~~

Unknown said...

Eclipse was by far the most lagging in the bunch, lots of angst, and you do get to the point of just do it. Poor Jacob, Bella has him twisted in knots, but she knows she's not the one for him, no imprinting. Unfortunately, it takes the whole book to make that point.

Diana Dang said...

Bella grows up? I find that a little hard to believe. Then again I haven't read beyond Twilight.

SueB said...

Well, Bella did kind of "imprint" on Edward - although they don't have such a name for it. I like that some are remembering that weren't always the age we are now, and that at one time life did have that kind of rose color about it! I think that's where Bella is, despite the bad guys out to get her (constantly). I like this series BECAUSE of the innocence, even though, yes, shut up Bella on the vamp thing and get some other stuff done. (But that's my old lady me talking!)

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