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16. Eleven on Top by Janet Evanovich...

January 15, 2009
Title: Eleven on Top
Author: Janet Evanovich
ISBN-10: 0-312-30626-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-30626-7
Hardcover: 310 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Press, 2005

Stephanie decides she's had enough. Enough of being shot at, cussed at, pushed around, having her vehicles decimated, just plain enough. So she quits working for Vinnie, and starts looking for a "normal" job. She's fired from her first new job for being 1.5 hours late. On her first day. Her second job is with a dry-cleaners whose owner is scarier than Grandma Mazur and Grandma Bella combined. And she's fired from that one when the scary owner takes her keys, gets in her car, and is blown to bits. Her third job goes up in smoke. Literally. So, she winds up with an office job. At RangeMan. Doing investigative work at the Trenton Bat Cave's command and control center. She gets a uniform, a new gun, and a key to Ranger's apartment.

She also has a new stalker, and this one leaves notes. And while she's left her bounty-hunting days behind, she's willing to help out when Lula calls.

Family: Valerie's coming apart at the seams, driven to distraction by the wedding. She ups & disappears to Disney World, along with Albert & the girls. Stephanie's mom and Grandma Mazur get into a cake-throwing fight, whereupon her mom swears off drinking if Steph swears off sugar.

Wheels: A dark green Saturn SL2 that blows up, with someone in it. After it's shot at and sledge-hammered. The indestructible Buick smokes up (dud bomb). Morelli's SUV blows up, along with his garage.

Action: She moves back in with Morelli to help out while he's got his leg in a cast, and to stay low while her stalker's leaving her little blow-up presents. Not that it works (see Morelli's SUV). This doesn't stop Ranger from kissing her though. And he says those three little words again. Actually, they both do. No wonder her brain's a mush when these two are around.

I liked this better than Ten Big Ones, because my gal doesn't get quite as hurt. Sure, she's stunned and transported in a casket, but it's not like she's getting the snot kicked out of her by a gang. This book has more character than chasing-down-the-bad-guys action, and I liked it. Next?


Anonymous said...

You are smoking through these books!

drey said...

I sure am! I was trying to get 'em all done before the weekend, but even I don't read that fast... =P

Darlene said...

Hey, you're almost there-a few more to go. I love Lula-she cracks me up too. You just reminded me again to go and get the first book on audio ordered from the library. I need to listen to these again.

drey said...

Dar ~ Lula is entertaining, that's for sure. =)

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