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January 1, 2009
Review Policy
Giveaway Policy

Email me at dreyshouse at gmail dot com

I love reading, and would love to review your book(s)! My favorite genre is fantasy (in all it's glorious sub-genres), but I also read mysteries, chick-lit, multicultural fiction, historical fiction, and some autobiographies.

I try to review ARCs the week or so prior to their publish date, or for scheduled tour dates. For already-published books, let me know if you have a preference. I will try my best to accommodate dates, especially if I receive the books at least 2 weeks in advance. I will also let you know when my review is posted. All reviews are replicated to facebook, goodreads, blog catalog, technorati, and twitter.

Please note, my reviews are my opinion. Some will be long, others brief. Some will be complimentary. Some will not. I am not an expert in literature, I just know what I like. My reviews will be my honest viewpoint of the book, at the time it is read. And I try my darnedest to stay away from spoilers.

I will not sell ARCs, but might give them away. Let me know if you'd prefer I don't.

In addition to reviews, I'm also open to participating in blog tours, conducting interviews, and hosting giveaways. Just ask!

Beginning in 2010, I will be rating my reviews on a 5-point scale. Here's what my ratings mean:

5 = Outstanding. I can't believe everyone hasn't read this/doesn't love it. These will be very few and far between.

4 = Excellent. Interesting characters, plots, storylines, etc. Something that is good enough that most people will read in one sitting. Or try to. And when I say "most people" I don't include myself, because I usually read everything in one sitting...

3 = Good. Good characters, plots, storylines, etc. but doesn't have the oomph of an excellent read. I will state here that most books I read will be rated a 3.

2 = OK. I finished the book, just to find out what happens in the end. You decide if you'd like the opportunity to read it--and rate it--for yourself.

1 = Didn't finish. A book that I didn't finish, couldn't make myself finish, didn't care if I finished. These will be few and far between.

Most giveaways are sponsored, and are for US and Canada residents only (no PO Boxes!). Giveaways I organize myself will have different rules.

For 2010, only followers will be allowed to enter giveaways here. To check if you're one, read this post. "Sharing" means letting others know about my giveaways. Methods include anything I can be directed to (via links). Facebook shares do not count--even if you put the link in the comments--as I cannot see your posts unless we're friends. However, tweets, blog posts, sidebars, etc. will count, as long as I can check it out.

Put each share in its own comment, please. For example, if you enter a giveaway, then tweeted it, and put a link on your sidebar, there should be 3 comments from you--1 for the entry, one for the tweet (with the link to your tweet, not just your twitter page), and one for your sidebar link (with a link to your blog). If you're listing the giveaway in a blog post, then please include the link to the blog post itself, not your main blog link...

Updates 4/1/2010: Changing this requirement! The only permanent restriction to my giveaways will be the geographic one, especially if the giveaway is sponsored. Please see each individual giveaway for details. Check out my updates post!

Also, please remember to PAY ATTENTION to the giveaway post on how to enter. Sometimes I make you jump through hoops, and you must jump, or your entries will not count.

Randomizer will select winners, who have three days to get their mailing info to me. If I don't have an email address, I can't remind you. If I don't hear back, I will pick replacement winners. We all love free books! =) Don't forget to have fun, and THANK YOU for stopping by drey's library!

Email me if you have a review to share. I would be happy to link from my review post to yours, and it would be a service to readers, since I know that my views on a book are not the only ones!
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