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5. Don of the Dead by Casey Daniels...

January 7, 2009
Title: Don of the Dead
Author: Casey Daniels
ISBN-10: 0-06-082146-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-082146-3
Mass Market Paperback: 325 pages
Publisher: Avon Books, 2006

Pepper Martin's first "real" job is a tour guide at Garden View Cemetery, where a chance meeting with a marble headstone leads to her meeting with Gus Scarpetti, former Don of the Scarpetti family. Apparently Gus cannot move on, because there's unfinished business in this world. He heckles, cajoles, insults, and basically manipulates Pepper into helping find out who was responsible for doing the deed on the Don. Side characters include everyone from Gus' mob "family", to a handsome detective, to the adorably geeky doctor who wants to check into Pepper's brain.

There's plot, characters, etc. in this book, but I really didn't get into it. I guess Pepper's not really my type of heroine ~ I'll wholeheartedly confess that this may be a side-effect of getting into the Plum novels.


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I am not able to read the reviews. I click on continue and it sends me to a sign up page, but it won't let me sign in.

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