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January 31, 2009
I was cleaning up my category list the other day, because my funky little moving cloud (thanks, Janel!) was way too busy. Anyway, that got me wondering - how do you decide what to tag books with, if you tag them? And how many ways can you categorize a book? Like Kitty - urban fantasy fits, right? What about the Fever series? Urban fantasy? Paranormal? etc.?

The one I really got stuck on was Uglies. I tagged it YA (young adult), but it's also set in a future, so does this make it sci-fi as well? Even if there's no space/ships/alien races/etc? (I don't normally read sci-fi, so I could be totally off-base in my idea of what constitutes sci-fi...)

So, HELP!!


Unknown said...

Looks like you put that category cloud on a serious diet! I can't offer any more advice on whittling it down, though. After looking at the categories you have I'm thinking it might be a good idea for me to add more to mine!

Anonymous said...

When I post book lists, I always put a general genre it fits. But ANYTHING YA gets listed as "YA/Science Fiction" or "YA/Urban Fantasy" or whatever the genre is. I state that because you can't find those YA books in the adult section, and people need to know where to look.

That's for a list. For actual entries, I just put all the genres that apply. So tags in my reviews, like for uglies, include "young adult" as well as "science fiction"

drey said...

Janel ~ I wouldn't add more if I were you - they have a way of getting out of control!

calico-reaction ~ Hmm, that's a good thought - multiple categories. I think I'll do that!

The Book Resort said...

I counted Uglies as YA.

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